Amazing Home Design And Space Saving Interiors

Here are some truly amazing home design and space saving interiors!


There are plenty of interior design lovers out there who know how valuable floor space in a small home can be! From cleverly hidden rooms and multi-use creations to ingenious interior design decisions, here are some of the most amazing home designs and space-saving solutions!

Automatic Shoe Rack

If you have an extensive shoe collection, don’t leave them to clutter up your hallway, or have them crammed into your closet! So, how are you meant to store them? An automatic shoe rack from Maurice Furnishing’s might be the answer!

The custom closet creation stores your footwear out of sight on a series of rotating racks, then carousels them forwards and back so you never have to worry about losing or abusing your beloved sneakers again!

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But it’s not the sole solution to this problem. Another sleek cupboard from Povison Home might not look big, but at 54 inches long it can store 12 to 20 pairs of shoes in 6 tipped cabinets and 4 adjustable shelves.

And it’s also solved another problem, because it has a hidden seat built in which effortlessly pulls out, so you're not left hopping about as you try to get your favorite high heels or sneakers on.


Creative Stairs

Ever feel like your home is constantly cluttered, but you don’t have room for any more shelving? But there is a simple solution, turning your stairs into storage units! Think about it; stairs take up a lot of space, but the area beneath them isn’t usually filled in. With a few modifications utilizing the underside of each stair could give you a lot more usable storage space for things like drawers and smaller cupboards!


However, if that doesn’t appeal to you, then collapsible stairs might be your space-saving solution. German company Klapster uses integrated springs that allow their stairs to fold up into the wall, saving room while still being sturdy enough to walk up and down! They only take up space when you’re using them!

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And here’s another twist for you, not only are foldable stairs real, but slidable ones are too! In studio apartments, stairs can be installed that slide out from shelving unit spaces and walls, allowing owners to use multiple levels of one room without stairs permanently taking up precious space.

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Though sometimes it’s not the stairs themselves, but the railings that get in the way. And for cases like that, Treppen & Bauelemente have you covered. This German company specializes in elegant space-saving stair designs, like the one in the image below,


What’s more, it is a steep ascension, so the stairs have been placed at an angle to allow for more foot space on each step. Angled stairs are common in small homes that don’t have the space for a big, grand stairwell, and make getting up them slightly less taxing. Guess you could say those are a step above the rest!

This Window Turns Into A Balcony

There’s something about a balcony that’s so aesthetically pleasing, though it’s only ever fancy houses and apartment buildings that seem to have them. However, Velux’s Cabrio product can transform a skylight or roof window into a balcony space without the need for extensions or rebuilding!

It operates by simply opening the top window as normal, and then opening the bottom panel forward until it expands into a walkable space! A single balcony is 2 ½ feet by 8 ft 3, and is able to extend to 45 degrees with railings.

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The only drawback, as you may imagine, is its price. Costing up to $6,000 depending on the size, the attached balcony might just be a pipe dream. But, it is much cheaper than having one built on!

This Deck Doubles as a Swimming Pool

Do you ever wish you had a yard big enough for some fancy decking and a pool? With Agor Creative Engineering, you could have both! If you take a look at the footage below, this just looks like normal decking, but that deck sits on rollers that slide away via an electric motor!

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When remotely activated, the decking moves along the rails installed on either side of the pool. It’s structurally sound enough to keep chairs and garden accessories on top, giving you all the space no matter how it’s being used! Depending on the size of the pool, it operates in a minute or less, giving you quick access on a hot day!

What’s more, Agor also offers entirely moveable floors, that using hydraulics, sink into a space and fill with water, for those who don’t want the hassle of an open pool. All Agor’s designs are customized to each of their clients, so prices vary but safe to say, this is something most would definitely splash out on!

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Wall Mounted BBQ Grill

Picture this: It’s a beautiful summer’s day and you’re planning a barbecue because nothing says summer like a grill fest in the yard. Only, the grill you own is clunky, dirty, and probably broken as it hasn’t seen the light of day for a while, so what’s the solution? Well, the wall mounted grill from Focus Fireplaces is a game changer.

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With the attached steel barbecue on the side of your house, the garden doesn’t need any more equipment taking up yard space and the disk attached to the wall prevents ash or smoke from staining the bricks, too.

It means that you save the time, money, and effort of setting up a normal grill, swapping it out for one that’s always ready to go! It can be attached anywhere and at any height, making it perfect for smaller yard spaces or porches.

Creative Aquariums

Fish are the ultimate low-maintenance pets. You can sit and watch them for hours, they don’t need much maintenance, and they look really pretty. So, instead of having them in a bowl or a tank, taking up space, why not incorporate them into your interior design?

There are endless possibilities: for example, the custom design tank below has been built into the stairs of a home providing a statement entranceway, and thanks to a few craftily included LEDs, a very cool night light!


Here, another tank forms a statement part of the kitchen while still allowing for classic kitchen storage necessities like cupboards and drawers underneath.


And the next one is my personal favorite. What about a headboard like this one with lamps built into either side? Imagine it, falling asleep surrounded by a gorgeous school of fish, sounds much better than counting sheep!


Hollow Chair

Most of the time, chairs that are good for bundling take up a lot of space, and most of us need to prioritize storage. But not anymore! The Hollow Chair designed by Judson Beaumont acts as both furniture and storage space.


The section underneath is entirely hollow, but the chair itself is still structurally sturdy enough to support the weight of someone sitting in it. And you can use the underside to store just about anything from books to toys.

Seeing the potential to combine storage and sitting, Judson took the design one step further and also incorporated the seat into a full coffee table! If only the price of the furniture was as hollow, but each of Judson’s designs starts at around $1,500, going up to as much as $5,000.

Movable Sliding Walls and Partitions

Do you ever wish you could just move the walls of your room, so it was that little bit bigger, or a slightly different shape? Well, now you can and you don’t need a sledgehammer to do so! The solution to that problem is the mobile partitions designed by Klein USA that can be moved and rearranged to control the size of each room and the layout!

The panels are synchronized, so with one light push on a panel, all the others are connected to move with it. It’s an impressive domino effect that lends itself to the office and home, making your interior stylish and sleek.

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Depending on the aesthetics of your environment, you can choose to have glass, wood, or metal panels to match the rest of your space. Close off one room and use them as a divider, or connect two rooms together to make larger spaces.

Wall Folding Clothes Hanger

If you’re planning to declutter your hallways, the Fold N Flip Wall Hanger might be the perfect solution. The cleverly disguised coat rack can appear as a picture on the wall, keeping your space classy. It can hold 10-12 coats and can be set up anywhere you like, it could even make a cool mini wardrobe!

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When the shutter is open, you can hang bags and hats on hooks, giving you yet another place to keep your accessories together. With a depth of only 2.7 inches, the coat rack is compact and functional in its design. You can customize the picture itself too, making your print perfectly match your home décor!

Hydraulic Underground Garage

If you don’t have room for a driveway or garage, but you have a car, finding a place to park on your street can be a nightmare. But you might have space that you don’t even realize underground.

The next incredible innovation comes from Polish company CarLift, which uses a hydraulic operating system to raise a tiered platform lift up from underground.

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With a basic model intended for one car, larger models can accommodate 2 cars weighing up to a total of 13,000 lbs, one on top and one underneath, effectively allowing double parking in one space!

All it takes is a button press from a remote control, or an app on your phone, and your car will be lowered down in as little as 1 minute! Having an underground garage also gives your car extra protection, not to mention more space outside the front door.

Corner Cabinet Pull-Out Shelves

Here’s a revolutionary idea that will completely change the way our kitchens work, in case you have cupboards crowded with so much stuff you can never find what you need: pull-out shelves! It seems so simple, yet I’ve never heard of them before!

One is particularly designed by Superior Cabinets, which is specifically created to utilize all the space in corner units so it’s easier to reach items at the back and bring them forward! They employ a special S-shaped bracket that weaves the shelving unit out, and then swivels it around so that the entire cupboard can be used for storage, and also exposed.

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Bed Up Down

Our next space-saving piece of furniture might be a bed. But this particular bed, from the company Bed Up Down, is not anything ordinary. It can be raised to the ceiling! A motor is installed which controls the bed’s movement and raises it up via an automated reel into the ceiling, and can be operated simply with an app.

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Alternatively, you could really impress your guest by making a simple gesture, which triggers its sensors and lowers your bed automatically. And it’s not just beds it lifts up, a guy used the mechanics of the Bed Up Down to instead stow away the model railway setup he’d always wanted, but never had space for!

However, large furniture like this can often look a little odd hanging from the ceiling, so this company has also designed a fake ceiling option for it to disappear into if that’s what you’d prefer! You can even customize it with LED lights, or create your own patterned design.

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Dynamic Furniture System

Did you know, you can magically transform your living space into a bedroom in seconds? Ori Living’s Studio Suite is designed specifically to transform small apartments. The dynamic furniture system rearranges your entire interior with the push of a button.

The furniture moves into different positions, revealing space, and adding storage, allowing you to change the functionality of one small room! If it's a lazy day in, no need for a couch the bed can stay all day!

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Different units have settings for an office, bedroom, and living room setup, so it can automatically transform into the correct space, and you don’t even need to be at home to do it! Through the app, you can control your furniture from anywhere in the world.

How To Watch TV On Your Ceiling

Want to feel like you’re at the beach, floating in a far-off galaxy, or even traveling through an ancient forest? All you need is a wide-scale projector, which can cost as little as $100, a video of your choice, and away you go!

It’s such a simple change that can make your home feel much bigger! And watching movies may never be the same again. Why fork out for a wide-screen TV when you can lie in bed and watch TV on the ceiling?

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Modular Cot

Kids are expensive. They’re constantly growing out of things, often requiring new stuff every few months, including furniture! But your kids won’t outgrow the cots from Mexican company Cuna Magica, because they’re designed to grow and change as the child does!

For parents with little ones, it's much easier to redesign a child's bedroom without having to buy new, expensive furniture all the time. From newborn to toddler, the modular made crib can have sections removed to turn it into a little bed, where the gate is replaced with railings to ensure they don’t fall out.

And as they start becoming proper little adults, the bed frame folds out further to become a fully functional single bed! It’s the only one they’ll need for years!

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Plus, while they are still little, the cot can adjust to fit by the side of the new parent’s bed, and even be turned into a seat for feeding and story time! All this, and it costs 13,600 Pesos, roughly $700. Not bad for furniture that’ll last a lifetime!

Stick-On Tiles

Honestly, who has the money, time, or will to remodel their home in this economy? Luckily, you can change the appearance of walls and floors with a super cheap alternative: stickers.

The Tile Sticker Company provides stick-on tiles in a variety of realistic-looking designs! Unlike real tiles, these vinyl stickers come with a pre-applied adhesive, so they only need to be pressed down on the tile area to stay in place.

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And if you place them wrong, just peel them off and reposition them! You can stick them to most types of tiles and flat surfaces, such as glass, walls, and tables, and they possess extra lamination which makes them oil and waterproof.

But what about an even bigger project, like changing the appearance of an entire floor? Well, interior design duo Poe and Cola use vinyl to redesign surfaces, walls, and floors, like the one in the footage below, in which one sheet of well-placed laminate is disguised as solid wood.

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Showcasing how to cut these huge vinyl sheets to shape once laid down, they might become the next affordable, viral trend in design. Who needs the real thing when you can get something that looks this good for a fraction of the price?

Spiral Cellars

I wish I could have a super sophisticated wine cellar. There’s just one problem; I don’t have a regular cellar, let alone one I could dedicate to wine! Luckily, Spiral Cellars exist. The super innovative cellars curve down and around, making use of all the depth of a normal cellar, but at only a fraction of the floor size.

Ranging from 6 ½ to 10 feet deep, and with a minimum diameter of just 8 feet, the cellars may look small, but they can hold up to 1,600 bottles of wine!

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They take as few as 9 days to excavate and install, and can be fitted with motorized glass doors that make them look like they’re an art installation rather than another room in your house! All that, and the Spiral cellar kits on their own start at $32,000! But if you need a room just for keeping wine, these are the kinds of things you might afford.

Rocket Stove

It might be an unpopular opinion but putting the word Rocket in front of something instantly makes people want to buy it. For example, a stove sounds boring but a rocket stove will instantly make you say "Take my money!" And the best part is, it’s real!

At 8 feet high, this Rocket Stove design from German company Feuerrohr can be used to cook with, heat a home, or become a great source of warmth outside at night. The flame of the pipe itself reaches nearly 5 feet high, and will keep you cozy whether inside or out, mainly because the combustion chamber section can reach temperatures of up to 750°F!


It can be used in gardens, on terraces, or even on beaches, because it uses wood as its main source of fuel. Wood pellets are particularly good for a rocket stove, as they burn to a fine dust and leave very little soot behind.

So if you install one in your home, you can relax knowing it's not going to leave a mess, providing it’s properly affixed and vented outside! For all this fiery utility, prices for the Rocket Stove start at just €310, roughly $330! That’s one hot deal.

Hidden Door

Sometimes, you want a room in your home to be hidden away from the rest of the world. And there’s no better way to conceal that space than with a Secret Door.

As you can see in the clip below, these are doors that seamlessly blend into the rest of the room, with their designs made to mimic panels or patterns lining the walls, or consisting of entire walls that, when flipped, reveal secret passageways.

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Alternatively, instead of walls, floors are a perfect place to insert a man-sized hidey hole! If you have the space beneath your home between the floorboards and the foundations, you could transform the space into a storage compartment that, when closed blends in seamlessly with the groves of your floorboards!

Possibly the coolest option, however, is a design like the one constructed by Chicago-based company Vidacom. They specialize in home electronic integration, as proven by the unique hidden door they installed in the paneling of a wall, which automatically swivels outwards to form a staircase! It connects to a hidden equipment room, and can only be accessed by authorized users.


Staircase Storage

There have been so many times when I needed to reach a high shelf or cabinet to retrieve something, only to realize I’m too damn short. Nothing brings me more shame than admitting defeat by way of fetching a chair. So, so embarrassing. But thanks to Danny Kuo, my days of embarrassment are over!

They’ve designed a series of drawers to keep all your things in one place; an 8.5 ft tall monolith of cabinets that almost no one can reach the top of! However, the drawers can each be pulled out to create a staircase, which you then climb to get to the very top compartment.


Not only that, but the drawers have different chambers within them, letting you store and separate your items however you like all the way up to your ceiling. This furniture piece knocks it out of the park when it comes to space-saving and ergonomic design seriously, kudos to Danny for going above and beyond!

Bedroom Box

If only there was a way to keep your room constantly tidy and neat, wouldn’t it be great to have everything you needed at your fingertips, and still have space to move around? Well, imagine no more, because these loft bed designs make it possible.


The bed itself is raised up, making use of the height of the room rather than relying on the floor space. It leaves you with more room for closets, desks, and storage, all laid out underneath your mattress.

There’s no end to the customization options here, you could fit a TV under your bed, a workstation, or have USB ports built into the bed frame! And the limit to the usefulness of this design is your imagination!

Batiik Studio, for example, fashioned a multipurpose bedroom box to give a 244 sq. ft studio apartment in Paris the illusion of having a dedicated bedroom! The bed itself is concealed behind wardrobes, shelving, and even an attached bathroom at the back there! So, instead of having all the floor space taken up with clunky storage options, the remaining floor area is freed up completely. Talk about thinking outside the box!


Retractable Slat Stairs

We’ve already learned that there’s so much that can be customized and reworked with staircases. And the next design from Variant Spaces is no exception! The New Zealand based company specializes in designing space-saving products, and so has created a custom foldaway staircase.

White goods like washing machines are often big and clunky, and sometimes finding a space for them to fit unobtrusively in a small home is difficult. But Variant Spaces show that even if you don’t have the room for a utility closet, you could potentially put them under retractable slat-based stairs.

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Simply fixed to the wall, they can be pulled down to make a mini staircase that gets you from A to B and when lifted up and slotted away, provides easy access for someone to do laundry.

Chilling Below Ground

How cool is your refrigerator? Technically speaking, the average refrigerator is set to 40°F. But I’m not talking about temperature; I’m talking about the vibe. How cool is it? Is it a big bulky box taking up space in your kitchen and hiking up your energy bills? Or does it double up as a super chilled underground lair that doesn’t require electricity?

It's most likely the first one, because only The Groundfridge, a prefabricated cellar buried in the earth that utilizes the insulating properties of the ground to keep the food stored inside it at a chilled 50°F!

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At a whopping 7.2 feet in diameter, the spherical refrigerator has a 792-gallon capacity. For comparison, even a large American fridge has about 224 gallons, so you really can put your whole pantry and then some, inside this giant cold vault. So, the big question: how much cold hard cash do you need to afford one of these?

Well, the unit alone costs around $17,000. And that’s without the expense of digging up your yard to install it. Large American fridges cost roughly $175 in electricity per year, so math-wise, this is an investment you’ll see pay off financially in 97 years. It may not be saving you money, but it does save space and the environment!

I hope you were amazed at these clever home design and space-saving solutions! Thanks for reading.

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