Animals That Look Like Celebrities

Let's check out some animals that look like celebrities!


Let's bring the stars back down to earth, exploring the moments where Hollywood and the animal kingdom overlap, by taking a look at a pack of doggy doppelgangers, feline fraudsters and ferocious furry figures, that look just like celebrities!

Snoop Dog

If you name yourself after an animal, people are bound to draw comparisons. Unfortunately for Snoop Dogg, his relation to man’s best frizzle goes beyond his rap name. This little Dachshund might not be a beagle, but it’s definitely snoopy, the braids and chain on its Halloween costume making it look exactly like the Californian rapper.


This isn’t the only D-O-single-G that’s been likened to Snoop. Kermit is an Italian greyhound owned by YouTuber Jenna Marbles, who’s little smile and skinny face is instantly familiar, and although Kermit swaps bars for barks, and gin and juice for dog food, his similarities to the rapper are undeniable.


Taylor Lautner

From a wiener-dog to a big bad wolf, Hollywood heartthrob Taylor Lautner used to be famous for long hair, big muscles and spontaneously exploding out of his pants every time he got angry. Turning into a wolf fit Lautner’s image pretty well, but it turns out, a different, less intimidating animal may have been more suitable.

This alpaca is called Calendar Girl, and while she might not seem like heartthrob material, this duo of dreamboats has very similar smoldering gazes, and I’ve heard that the alpaca has a set of washboard abs underneath all that fur.


Ed Sheeran

Pop star Ed Sheeran is famous for hit songs and ginger hair, so whenever a carrot-topped animal comes along, people on the internet are bound to draw comparisons. This kitten is the hissing image of the singer, from the eyes to the ginger fringe, and you can just imagine his little paws, strumming on a Fender Cat-ocaster.



From the top of the pops now to the bottom of a swamp, netizens have pointed out how closely superstar Madonna resembles one bull frog. This amphibian may swap rhythm for ribbits, but it certainly has a lot of stage presence, and the pair’s leggy poses are nearly identical.


Samuel L Jackson

Let’s head out of the swamp and clean ourselves off. There’s nothing sadder than a dog in a bath, and when this poor pooch was placed inside the tub, he pulled an Oscar-worthy frown, perfectly mimicking the face of award-winning actor Samuel L Jackson.


This dog isn’t the only pup that looks like Sam Jackson, though. Imgur user Eoghain MacSearraigh thought that his distinguished dog shared a close resemblance to the actor, and when he Photoshopped a pair of glasses and hat onto his pooch, the resemblance was uncanny.


Jackson has feline family members too, and this cat’s long face and terrifying stare have also been compared to the actor. I wouldn’t mess with either of them.


John Travolta

Let’s stick to the silver screen, taking a look at another leading man. In 2015, South Australia’s dog rescue uploaded a picture of an American Bulldog with the dazzling blue eyes of a movie star, and the distinctive face of John Travolta.

The resemblance between Boof the Bulldog and John the human was uncanny, and the dog’s headshot went viral within a few hours.

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According to SA Dog Rescue, this Doggy Zuko’s unique appearance meant that he was adopted by a loving family almost immediately. Either that, or he was taken in by L. Ron Puppert and the church of Scien-dog-ogy, just like the real Travolta.

Bruce Willis

Among the Hollywood Hills, Bruce Willis is a macho action-hero who’s known for crawling through vents on Christmas, riding choppers, and delivering M Night Shyamalan’s most famous twist ‘I see dog people.’ Turns out, he was a dog the whole time!

Bruce’s spirit animal isn’t a bald eagle, and although he played a boxer in Pulp Fiction, he looks a lot more like a Bull Terrier.


According to many sharing their thoughts online, the actor’s bald head and long face closely resembles the animal, and the powerful but loyal bull terrier is the perfect canine to take up the mantle as an action star.

Quentin Tarantino

With Samuel L Barkson, Boof Travolta, and Bull Willis, we have most of the cast for an all-dogs Pulp Fiction remake. Somebody get Frogtin Tarantino on the line, Pup Fiction is gonna be a hit.


Bob Ross

It’s widely accepted that American painter Bob Ross is one of the most wholesome celebrities of all time, so it makes sense that his animal doppelganger would be man’s best friend.

Meet @PoochOfNYC, a maltese-poodle mix who’s famous for the themed photoshoots and cosplays that its owner uploads on Instagram. The maltipoo’s beard and afro combo is instantly familiar, and although it looks like he’d rather run through the woods than paint them, the pup looks right at home with a paint brush in his paw.


The Maltipoo definitely has Bob’s hair down to a tee, but the painter was arguably just as famous for his calm, supportive personality, something that this dog mimics perfectly.

This dog’s disconcertingly human smile has been compared to Ross’ calm temperament, but the personable pup has also been likened to a ton of other smiley celebrities, from Seth Rogen to Jeff Daniels.

Bob Ross famously said, “we don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.” Try saying that when Fido has a ‘happy little accident’ on your living room floor and looks up at you with that face.

Jonah Hill or Zach Galifianakis?

From one pup-person hybrid to another, images of this dog started to circulate online back in 2018. The dog’s round eyes and pink mouth make him look a lot like a human, and netizens reckon that he’s the spitting image of actors Jonah Hill and Zach Galifianakis.


It looks like Zach’s hair stylist has used the dog’s ears for inspiration, and the pup’s fluffy chin certainly matches the bearded actors. However, some people online are freaked out by the dog’s human qualities, believing that it’d be more at home in a horror film than a comedy.

Gene Simmons

In the topic of horror, KISS is an American rock band from the 70’s who were famous for their horror-themed performances, painting their faces, putting on sparkly outfits and sticking their unusually long tongues out while onstage.

When you think of KISS’ extravagant stage personas, a dairy farm isn’t the first thing that springs to mind, but in 2017, a rancher in Texas discovered the newest member of KISS’s fan club, a baby cow who was born with the band’s iconic face paint.

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The calf was called Genie, named after KISS’ lead singer Gene Simmons, and the cow is clearly a natural-born performer, sticking his tongue out for the photo. If you stuck Genie in a sparkly jumpsuit, he’d look right at home onstage, and maybe KISS’ next reunion could have a new member, Genie’s great on cowbell!

Donald Trump

From the dairy farm to the oval office, the viral image below looks like Donald Trump’s hair has jumped off of his head, dropped to the ground and crawled its way to the Amazon rainforest.

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Luckily for Donny, his hairpiece is still intact, and this ball of hair is actually a flannel moth caterpillar, a critter from the Americas that’s covered in a set of venomous spines.

As soon as the caterpillar was spotted in the Peruvian rainforest, onlookers compared its appearance to the ex-president, and if you slipped the critter on a bald man’s head, he could easily pass for the prez.

Unfortunately, the venomous spines would result in some nasty stings if it was worn as a toupée. That’s why the owners of this cat went for an alternative method, creating a strategic hairpiece out of their kitten's own fur, as they dressed him up as Trump for Halloween.


Richard Branson

With his signature long, wavy hairdo, you might think that British billionaire Richard Branson would like to be compared to a powerful lion, or a majestic stallion riding across the plains. Unfortunately, though, he looks a lot more like this little guy.

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Nobody knows for sure what breed of dog this is, although people online reckon in might be a Pekinese, a Shih Tzu and Maltese mix, or just a straight up gremlin. Either way, this pup’s silky head of hair and wide-spaced, blue-eyed stare make it the canine twin of the billionaire.

Clint Eastwood

Dogs are arguably the happiest creatures on earth, so for a billionaire dog, life must be one big walk in the park. Unfortunately, for some pups, the world isn’t all about squeaky toys and chasing tails.

When the poop-bag hits the fan, you’ll want the cold-blooded canines below by your side, because the internet reckons that they look just like veteran Hollywood tough-guy, Clint Eastwood.

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These dogs all come from different breeds, but they’ve all got a touch of Dirty Harry, squinting, pouting and grimacing at the camera, just like the man himself.


If you want to find out whether these dogs are all bark and no bite, you can meet em’ at the dog park at high noon and answer this one question, "Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya pup?"

Danny DeVito

Actor Danny DeVito’s career has been littered with references to birds. His breakout role was as Martini in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ he played comic-book villain The Penguin in ‘Batman Returns,’ and he plays the egg-obsessed father of a giant bird in sit-com ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’

Finally, this long-running theme has an explanation. Ornithologists would say that this is a Royal Tern, a small coastal bird that can be found across the Americas. However, DeVito’s fans know better, and this is clearly the man himself, the bird’s distinctive hairline giving its identity away immediately.


The tern’s receding plumage is very unique, but interestingly, the bird's bald patch is filled in during mating season, as its breeding plumage covers its entire head in dark feathers to let other terns know that they’re ready to mate.

Adam Driver

Meet Corey, an oriental shorthair tabby who was rescued by the Monmouth County animal shelter in New Jersey. Corey’s probably a sweet cat, but unfortunately, some people reckon he looks more like a Sith Lord, comparing the kitty’s ears and nose to Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver. There is an undeniable resemblance; the force is strong with this one.

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Wilford Brimley

From sci-fi villains to a real-life hero, Wilford Brimley was an American actor, best known for ‘The Thing,’ ‘Quaker Oats’ commercials, and his longstanding battle with diabetes. Brimley worked on several commercials with the American Diabetes Foundation, devoting his life to educating the public about diabetes.

And although he tragically passed away in 2020, his spirit lives on in some furry friends. Their round faces and thick moustaches are the spitting image of the late actor, and every time their photos appear online, we’re reminded of Wilford’s career.


Gordom Ramsay

Gordom Ramsay likes to put on a tough exterior, but after taking one quick look at this photo, it’s clear to see that he’s really just a big puppy dog. This breed of dog is called a shar-pei, and the deep wrinkles on the dog’s face make it look uncannily like the chef.


Tilda Swinton

From wrinkles to raw talent now, actress Tilda Swinton is a very serious performer. She’s won every award under the sun, and she loves to play the villain. Despite this, back in 2021, twitter user Joqauim Campa pointed out that Tilda shares a striking resemblance to a decidedly less serious creature: this tiny little chihuahua.


Tildog Swinton’s long face and big eyes closely resemble the actress’s, and his solemn expression looks like he’s ready to handle any dramatic role thrown at him.

Jack Black

Jack Black is an actor who takes himself a bit less seriously than Tilda. Jack’s played a few animals over the course of his career, providing the voices for a shark, a saber-tooth tiger, and most famously, a Kung-Fu Panda. Unfortunately, the actor never played the animal that he most closely resembles: the cat below.


With the wild-eyed, cheeky grin that made Jack famous, you can definitely see this kitty leading a rock-band full of kids, dressing up as a professional wrestler, or having a rock-off against the devil.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler’s long streaky hair makes him easily recognizable, but for one Twitter user, her dog’s long streaky ears provide the exact same effect. Tyler has a reputation as a wild man, but it turns out, the rockstar is just a domesticated puppy.

According to the dog’s owner, ever since a friend pointed out how closely her pup resembles the singer, she hasn’t been able to look at her pooch in the same way.


George Clinton

George Clinton is an American musician in the Rock N’ Roll hall of fame, best known for pioneering funk music, working with Kendrick Lamar, and his insane multi-colored hairdo. The colorful caterpillar below is the caterpillar form of the saturniidae moth and looks just like Clinton.


But while Clinton’s hair says, ‘I’m just a funk-loving legend’, the saturniidae’s bright colors have evolved to say, ‘if you try to eat me, the deadly toxin I produce will probably kill you’. Very different vibes indeed.

David Duchovny

Sticking with weirdness, actor David Duchovny is best-known for playing FBI agent Fox Mulder in 90’s hit show ‘The X Files.’ Duchovny’s character solved a new sci-fi mystery every week, but it turns out, Mulder is more of a curious George than a wily fox, because Duchovny looks strikingly like a Rhesus monkey.


The similarities between Duchovny and the monkey’s smile and eyes have left fans wondering whether Duchovny is a Hollywood actor or just a monkey in disguise. As Fox Mulder said himself, "the truth is out there."

Jamie Hyneman

If it’s truth we want, there’s no one better to separate the facts from fiction than Jamie Hyneman. This bushy-faced man is best known as one of the hosts of MythBusters, the TV show that aimed to use scientific practice to debunk common myths.

MythBusters ran for 14 years on the Discovery channel, but there was one myth that the team were never quite able to crack: whether Jamie Hyneman is actually a Walrus.


The similarities between Jamie and the sea-creature are undeniable, largely sourced from Jamie’s bushy walrus moustache and flared nostrils. That being said, some MythBusters fans believe that Hyneman resembles a less blubbery animal.

This Persian kitten certainly shares Hyneman’s whiskers, and the way that he’s donning that beret makes it look like he’s ready to bust some myths himself.


Ron Perlman

Aside from debunking myths, animal celebrity lookalikes can also help the world in another way: by ending the long-standing, inter-species war and finally bringing dogs and cats together. The solution to this conflict? Ron Perlman’s face.


Perlman may be known for playing a half-demon in Hellboy, but the actor actually looks exactly like certain pets.


As a matter of fact, the internet is brimming with examples of Perlman’s Ronimal look-alikes, and on Reddit, there’s a whole page dedicated to cats that look like Ron Perlman, where users share and compare their Perlman pets.

Ron’s famously deep-set eyes, prominent brow, and imposing jaw have allowed him to transform into a huge number of characters over his career, but even when the prosthetics are peeled off, Ron still resembles these household pets. Now that’s versatility!

Steve Buscemi

Perlman isn’t the only actor who’s been likened to both cats and dogs. The legendary Steve Buscemi is the star of Reservoir Dogs, the original Fargo movie, and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. But this animal look alike is more interested in board-walkies.

A Pekingese-poodle mix called Chuchi was rescued by the Faithful Friends Animal Shelter in Delaware, and many online viewers insist his slightly crooked stare resembles Buscemi’s.


The reservoir dog immediately went viral after Faithful Friends posted his photo online, and thankfully, Chuchi was adopted into a family soon after.

Chuchi isn’t the only Buscemi lookalike. Back in 2019, a woman adopted a cat called Marla that she swore looked exactly like the actor. After sharing an image online, Marla went viral, her Facebook page eventually garnering over 12 thousand followers.

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As Marla’s fanbase grew, the comments underneath her photos started to spark some intense debate. Lots of people believed that Marla’s deformed upper and lower jaws made her look exactly like Buscemi, while others argued that she looked closer to Clint Eastwood, or Willem Defoe.

Rowan Atkinson

From a strange animal to a very strange human, British comic legend Rowan Atkinson’s character Mr. Bean isn’t exactly known for being wise. Even so, online commenters insist the dim-witted character’s wide eyes, raised eyebrows and pointy ears still make him look remarkably like an owl.

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Peyton Manning

Star Quarterback Peyton Manning only ever played for horse-themed teams, throwing the pigskin for the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos. However, the retired football player is more of a puppy than a pony, channeling this frustrated dachshund dog throughout his career.

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The quarter-bark’s frown and forehead look just like Peyton after an incomplete pass, and I imagine that’s the face that Manning’s dog pulls while playing fetch, realizing how far he has to run to retrieve the stick.

Michael Cera

Unlike Peyton Manning, actor Michael Cera isn’t exactly known for his athletic prowess. However, becoming a famous actor takes talent, dedication and a lot of hard work, so it’s fair to say that the star probably isn’t lazy.

Unfortunately for Cera, that doesn’t stop him from looking exactly like the world’s laziest animal, the sloth.

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Cera’s eyes and smile are definitely very sloth-like, and the actor’s occasional hairstyle perfectly mimics the shape of a sloth’s head. Although the baby-faced actor isn’t known for his ability to grow facial hair, if you look past the Sloth’s furry face, they could be brothers.

William H Macy

William H Macy is an Emmy award-winning actor, known for his role alongside the aforementioned Steve Buscemi in Fargo, and playing Frank Gallagher in the hit TV show Shameless.

A little-known fact about the actor is that the ‘H’ in his middle name actually stands for Hound. Okay, I made that up; it actually stands for ‘Hall’. But you can’t deny that the star looks exactly like this funny looking dog.

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Even Macy recognizes the similarities, and when he was shown a picture of the dog in an interview, he said that the likeness makes sense, as he’s always farting ‘like a golden retriever.’

Gilbert Gottfried

Calling somebody’s pet funny looking isn’t necessarily nice, but this redditor’s dog looks absolutely hilarious, largely due to its resemblance to famous comedian Gilbert Gottfried. The chihuahua looks just like the funny man, right down to its little teeth.

Now that the real Gottfried has sadly left this mortal coil, we have even more reason to cherish this little pooch.


Sofia Vergara

No celebrity loves a laugh in a more epic manner than actress Sofia Vergara, which leaves her with a certain similarity to an unexpected animal.


Unlike the refined and classy Sofia, African wild dogs aren’t the most glamorous animals in the world, spending their time hunting prey, fighting hyenas and rolling around in the sub-Saharan dust.

And, indeed, it’s fair to say that Vergara doesn’t look anything like these animals, that is, until somebody cracks a joke. That’s when her wide-mouthed cackle turns her into something straight out of the sub-Sahara, like a wild dog fighting off its enemies.

Vladmir Putin

Moving to Moscow now, Vladmir Putin is known for ruthlessly ruling Russia and topless horse-riding. Putin isn’t exactly known as a good-boy, so it’s surprising that his body-double is man’s best friend, the goodest of boys, a dog.

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From the Kremlin to the kennel club, this presidential pooch is a mix between a Staffordshire terrier and a German shepherd, and its long face and calculated stare are the spitting image of Russia’s leader.

While this pup would rather go for a walk than commit unspeakable acts of international aggression, its death stare is still pretty intimidating!

Vladimir Lenin

Let’s keep things along the lines of cuddly communism now, with this little cat. He appears to want to overthrow the upper classes and seize the means of paw-duction, because he looks just like Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

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If you thought this cat had an unfortunate appearance, how about the cats below, whose nein lives are likely spent coughing up Fuhrer-balls and leading the furred Reich? Donning a certain evil dictator’s infamous mustache and side-parting, these little Kitlers look just about ready to invade Pawland.



Popstar Cher is a prolific wig-wearer, and has stated in interviews that all of her wigs and outfits represent different versions of herself. And, as it turns out, one of the many versions of Cher is an Afghan hound.

The pair share the same long face and wistful stare, but unlike Cher, the Hound’s platinum hairdo is all-natural. Only question is: who wore it better?

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If you were amazed at those animals that look like celebrities, you might want to take a look at this article about cartoon characters in real life. Thanks for reading.

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