Best Evidence Proving Aliens Exist

Let's explore the best evidence that aliens exist!


In July 2023, a former US intelligence official testified under oath regarding the US government's interaction with unidentified extraterrestrial aircraft and their unusual pilots. He claimed that non-human biologics came with some of these recoveries.

United States Air Force officer and intelligence official, David Grusch, among other government officials, genuinely claimed that we are not alone in the universe, and that, in fact, the US government has been keeping the world in the dark about some truly crazy findings for years.

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Have extraterrestrials really been visiting and even spying on us for decades? Let's attempt to get to the bottom of that question. From mysterious snapshots of unexplainable flying objects to official government reports and a possible interview with an alien being, let's investigate some of the best evidence we have proving aliens exist.

USS Nimitz Tic Tac UFO

This story has been corroborated by multiple highly reliable military personnel and is probably the most striking proof of alien life or technology visiting Earth; there's even footage to prove it.

A naval strike group led by the US aircraft carrier the USS Nimitz was conducting pre-deployment exercises off the northwestern coast of Mexico in late 2004. On the 10th of November, the USS Princeton picked up unusual radar signals near San Clemente island. Those signals didn’t appear as any known aircraft and would randomly appear in groups of 5-10 at a time.


The senior operator of the radar system had almost 2 decades of experience of working with those systems and was an expert with that specific system at the time of the incident so he was puzzled as to what was going on.

Suspecting a malfunction, the recently upgraded SPY-1 Radar was switched off and re-calibrated. To everyone’s surprise, it only led the radar tracks to become even stronger. They observed first-hand how the targets performed physics-defying feats.

For example, the objects moved too fast to be birds, too slow to be conventional aircraft, and in some cases descended from space to sea level in seconds. Imagine dropping in altitude from over 20,000 meters in mere seconds. Then, the objects would hang around for hours. Those observations were witnessed for multiple days.

Each time they occurred, the crew would view some tiny specs moving irregularly in the distance through their high-powered binoculars on board. Then, on the morning of November 14th, something extraordinary unfolded. Strike Fighter Squadron 41 took off from the aircraft carrier on a regular training operation when suddenly those mysterious radar tracks were spotted again.

Lieutenant Douglas Kurth was instructed to investigate the unknown target approaching from the south. As he made his way to the coordinates, he saw a large disturbance in the water and claimed to have seen something submerged just below the surface. He said it reminded him of a submarine or ship just below the surface of the ocean.


The strike group of ships did include the USS Louisville a nuclear submarine and it was in the vicinity, so it could have been the reason for the turbulence in the water but what was witnessed later makes that idea seem implausible.

Kurth was joined by 2 other fighter jets both containing 2 people each, the lead of which was piloted by commander David Fravor. He also claimed to have seen the disturbance on the ocean and described its size as much larger than a submarine.

As Kurth made his way back to the Nimitz, commander Fravor and his wingman decided to take a closer look. Now, just watch the clip below of commanded Fravor explaining his encounter in his own words in front of Congress.

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As Commander Fravor's group returned to the aircraft carrier, he briefed the next flight crew that was departing and told them to be on the lookout. The crew heading out was equipped with an advanced targeting forward-looking infrared camera system which was controlled by the weapon system operator seated behind the pilot, Chad Underwood.

Minutes after departing Underwood locked onto something on his radar a few tens of km away. Underwood said: ‘’The part that drew our attention was how the object wasn’t behaving within the normal laws of physics’’. Let's watch the video that supposedly recorded the craft.

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As you can see, the black and white version of the video is in infrared, and underwood changes to visible light revealing the blurry oval object in the distance. He then changes back to infrared and toggles his zoom numerous times. Suddenly, the UFO disappears off the side of the screen. Unfortunately, the target was too far away to be seen with the naked eye, and Underwood nor his pilot made visual contact.

Following their encounter, the naval strike group continued detecting anomalous radar tracks for at least 2 more days. Skeptics have tried to explain the footage as being an airplane of some sort, but airplanes can’t zip around the sky as if gravity is non-existent.

And while the witness accounts are so extraordinary that you may assume they are made up, consider that dozens of high-ranking and highly reliable military personnel have corroborated the stories.

Commanded Fravor along with other witnesses also claimed they saw an extended version of the video that was in a higher resolution, but it has never been released. All footage from the events was supposedly erased on the evening of the day they were recorded.

Numerous witnesses on both ships in the strike group also claim they saw 2 men arrive by helicopter who collected the relevant data before wiping all tapes and hard drives clean. The witnesses said they had never seen anything like it before. Potentially, it could be evidence of a cover-up of some kind.

Maybe the government is aware of the existence of alien life or technology, but they don’t want all of us aware of them for one reason or another. Maybe the government assumes there would be a mass hysteria they would like to avoid or maybe they are keeping it secret, so our adversaries are kept in the dark.

It could also be the case that these sightings are just of top-secret military technology like drones or aircraft that the government is taking active steps towards keeping undercover. We know they are developing incredible tech but still, surely gravity-defying tic tacs are a step too far?

We can only wonder what the flight crews saw that day, but my mind does wonder. All we know is that Commander Fravor estimated the craft to be roughly 12-15 meters long and looked like a Tic Tac. Were the Tic Tacs opaque, looking somewhat like the typical UFOs we are used to?


Or did the Tic Tacs have cockpits with alien pilots controlling the craft, only zooming off after their operation was foiled? Unfortunately, we will never know. But what we do know, is that this wasn’t an isolated incident, as I will explain later.

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

Area 51 is the center of practically all alien conspiracies! With near-constant rumors of extra-terrestrial research taking place at this secret military development and testing base, you have to wonder if there’s any truth to them all. But if you ask Bob Lazar, the answer is a big fat yes!

Bob claimed to have been hired to work at Area 51 in the late 1980s for an astonishing reason, to reverse engineer alien spacecraft! Lazar claimed all the way back in 1997, that the captured craft he was reverse engineering ran on an antimatter reactor that was powered by a stable form of element 115, which wouldn’t be officially created by our Earth scientists until 2003, and we can still barely stabilize it!


Lazar said the reactor he studied was topped by a sphere the size of a basketball which emitted a force field capable of repulsing human flesh. He explained that the craft was split into two main levels. The reactor was positioned at the center of the upper level, with an antenna extending to the top, surrounded by three "gravity amplifiers".

He said those functioned as a sort of guide for the gravity wave that forms into a heart shape around the entire craft, narrowing at the bottom. Those connected to "gravity emitters" on the lower level, which can rotate 180 degrees to output an ‘’anti-gravity wave" and the craft would then travel "belly first" into this distortion field.


Basically, according to Bob, flying saucers fly sideways rather than upright, with apposable engines allowing the craft to move in any direction. Not only that, but Bob also claimed he read briefing documents describing the historical involvement of Earth for the past 10,000 years with extraterrestrial beings described as the typical grey aliens that were about child-size, of which he had seen cadavers of similar size.

To this day all organizations where Bob claims he worked or studied vehemently deny he was ever there, yet George Knapp, an American journalist who investigated Bob's claims said that Bob displayed a knowledge of the facility that would only be acquired by someone who’d been there.

Of course, some claim it's all part of a cover-up. Many even suggest he is a somewhat inexperienced techie, yet the guy built a jet car for fun and had been featured in multiple newspapers for his creations, so he's clearly a distinguished engineer.

Bob even claimed they used a specific biometric hand scanner at the base which measured the length of the bones in your hand to authorize access to the base. The government denied this claim at first, but decades later the Department of Defense admitted they did in fact use it at Area 51 in the 80s for the stealth fighter program and Bob confirmed the one they declassified matched what he had used.


At any time, either of those organizations could have simply said that yes, Bob Lazar worked for them and they deeply regret to hear of his degenerate mental state or something like that. But no, they still insist they don't know who he is despite all that. Why? It's not to say we know he is telling the complete truth but there are too many shadowy coincidences here for anyone to be comfortably sceptic. So is there any truth to Bob’s claims?

Well, he’s maintained the same story for over 30 years at this point and passed lie-detector tests on the subject. However, it’s worth noting that the guy has been convicted of several crimes since his testimony, which his critics have used to discredit his story. But who knows, was Bob telling the truth? Well, some of the sightings coming up might make you think he’s telling the truth.

USS Theodore Roosevelt UFO Incidents

That Tic Tac video wasn’t an isolated incident; a similar encounter was filmed on the southeastern coast of America in early 2015. Those who recorded it have yet to come forward but some crewmates and fellow pilots have provided some of the backstory.

Roughly 10 years after the initial Tic Tac sightings in the summer of 2004, a naval strike group led by the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt led training exercises somewhere off the coast of Virginia. The encounter was strikingly similar to the previous one explained.

Anomalous radar tracks were spotted and initially dismissed. Gravity-defying, hypersonic objects were being detected defying the laws of physics. After double-checking all their equipment, they were certain what they were seeing had to be real.

Early interceptions were initially unsuccessful until one day 2 jets no more than a few 10s of meters apart narrowly avoided a mid-air collision when something flew right in between them.


Although the pilots themselves haven’t come forward, fellow F-18 Pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves spoke to one of the pilots who landed and said the experience had visually spooked them. He described the incident about the encounter at the UAP congressional hearing:

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This time, the craft was described as a cube encased by a translucent sphere. Obviously, both pilots must have been incredibly startled, so it's hard to figure out exactly what they saw in such a short space of time.

Lieutenant Ryan Graves said it wasn’t an isolated incident and similar things had been seen by dozens of pilots for several months and that the objects spotted could remain airborne for up to 12 hours at a time.

A few months later in 2015 when the USS Theodore Roosevelt had made its way over via the coast of Florida, during a separate incident pilots captured another clip that shocked everyone involved.

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The interesting thing about that clip is that the craft captured seemed to rotate and fly in a fashion somewhat similar to that described by Bob Lazar on its side. The craft even has a heart-like shape which resembles how Lazar claimed the crafts he reverse-engineered warped gravity around them.

However, some debunkers claim the rotation seen in the video is an optical illusion caused by the de-rotation mechanism of the camera. That said, the 2 pilots themselves failed to recognize it as image rotation. Surely if anyone could spot image rotation, they would be the ones who would know what it looks like.

Both pilots believe the craft actually rotated. Even Jeremy Corbell, an electro-optical engineer and expert in the ATFLIRE camera system explained it is not an optical illusion. Besides, if it were an optical illusion, that doesn’t explain what the pilots remarked about a whole fleet traveling crosswind at that speed.

All things considered, it's interesting to hear about the man responsible for making those videos public, Luis Elizondo. He was the head of a secret government-funded effort to investigate UFO sightings known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.


In late 2017 he became so disillusioned with the government’s efforts that he decided to resign. He claimed that certain individuals within the government are staunchly opposed to UFO research and that the government is unconcerned about something that could affect national security.

Indeed, many military personnel claim those sightings are common but underreported as individuals fear for their careers should they speak out and risk looking like a tinfoil hat wearer at the expense of another promotion.

UFOs and UAPs

Certainly, there is a stigma around the UFO topic which is precisely the reason the government now uses UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) instead of UFO to avoid the unwanted association with aliens, spaceships, and probing human backsides. Lieutenant Ryan Graves summarizes perfectly the sentiment around UFO sightings among the US government during his speech to Congress:

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In fact, in 2021, The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a preliminary report on UAPs, and the official findings will chill you to the core. The report looked back on evidence gathered in the last 20 years from US Navy reports and concluded that they basically had no idea what UAPs were.

The UAPs could break the sound barrier without producing a sonic boom, move with no discernible means of propulsion, and travel with such speed and maneuverability that would typically destroy any craft. The report accepted that UAP recordings were most likely physical objects, and they are a possible safety issue that could pose a security threat.

Ultimately those individuals are some of the most reliable witnesses you could hope for and their stories match up. They were joined by one other whistleblower at the congressional hearing whose story is perhaps even more disturbing.

The former intelligence official, David Grusch, dropped some bombshells. Not only did he claim that the US government has had contact with alien species, but also that they’ve recovered downed spacecraft and the remains of non-human pilots! To make matters even crazier, Grusch also claimed that the US has come across actively malevolent alien races, which means we could be in some serious danger.

But if all this really is true, why haven’t we heard about it until now? As you’d probably guessed, Grusch blamed the government for orchestrating an elaborate cover-up. Not content with simply pulling the wool over our eyes, he asserted that US agents have actively targeted and come for people who threatened to reveal those secrets in the past!


So if Grusch ever goes missing, we all know where fingers will be pointed. Of course, the US government responded exactly how you’d expect them to, by denying everything.

In July of 2023, during the congressional hearing mentioned already, while under oath, he reiterated that there was a massive coverup going on and that the US government had indeed recovered non-human remains.

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Grusch even specified further on his claims of alien races posing a threat! Unfortunately, he couldn’t answer a lot of questions publicly for legal reasons but did mention he was willing to speak with congressmen privately and reveal more information.

There is one part of Mr. Grusch’s testimony that is particularly striking. If true, it would support the statements made by Bob Lazar as well as the other whistleblowers at the hearing along with the thousands of various incidents recorded over the decades:

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With all that, let's delve into some of the most credible sightings that often go overlooked.

Foo Fighters

November 1944, a US fighter plane tore through the night skies above the Rhine Valley on the French-German border. In the gloom, one lieutenant noticed a string of ominous glowing lights off in the distance.


Believing them to be German air weapons, they turned to fight, but the lights suddenly disappeared! And it was only the beginning of a long list of unexplainable sightings. Other wartime pilots reported strange luminous orbs, flashing lights, and even an unknown object flying close beside them!

They came to call these mysterious objects Foo Fighters, after a line from a popular comic book at the time named “Smokey Stover.” There’s also a band with the same name, but Dave Grohl was not hanging around in the 1940s.


But what were those “foo fighters”? Some believe the soldiers didn’t see anything at all and were actually suffering from combat fatigue. In other words, that the stress and trauma of the war had affected them so much they’d started hallucinating.

But people who knew them said they seemed very level-headed. Others put forward the idea that the foo fighters were actually experimental enemy craft. Then again, wouldn’t we know by now if that was the answer?

Indeed, many people think they really were alien visitors who came to observe and learn about human aircraft. If that’s the case though, why don’t we see UFOs following us when we go on vacation?

Well, think about it, the Second World War was the most destructive conflict in human history. Maybe extraterrestrials heard all the commotion from a galaxy far away and came to find out what the fuss was about! Then, after seeing how stupid we can be, they noped out again and sightings dried up. We can't really blame them!


Ariel School UFO incident

Kids aren’t exactly the most reliable of sources, but what about when a whole class of kids has the exact same story? And what if all of them insist that the story is the truth for nearly 30 years afterward?

Back in 1994, a bunch of children attending Ariel School outside Ruwa, Zimbabwe, had the most eventful day imaginable. During their morning recess, no less than 62 students saw a strange disc-like craft land near the schoolyard. Curious, many of them walked over to investigate.

Suddenly, the craft’s doors opened and humanoid creatures clad in black stepped out before the now-terrified children. Then the beings slowly approached. But it seems they came in peace! Rather than attacking, they “telepathically beamed messages about the importance of environmentalism into the children’s minds before abruptly leaving.”


While not all students saw the craft that fateful day, many of the kids that did have been adamant about the events that took place ever since. Looking at it from a skeptical mind, it’s possible the whole thing was just a case of mass hysteria, that’s when a group of people suffer a collective delusion.

We aren’t entirely sure why it happens, but anxiety is thought to be one of the causes. Just two days prior to the incident there’d been several UFO sightings across southern Africa. This created an atmosphere of anxiety that could’ve become hysteria, which the kids manifested in an extraterrestrial encounter of their own.

Some of them even drew pictures, and they have startling similarities between them. And would children really think to work environmentalism into their story? We can't confirm those were aliens, but there’s definitely something more than hysteria at play here!

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The Belgian UFO Wave

In Belgium, in 1989, a string of UFO sightings took place that would mark the beginning of a tremendous wave of encounters that shocked the world. On a fateful November night, over 30 different groups of people recorded seeing something odd in the skies above them. A strange, triangular object with 3 distinct glowing lights beneath it.


For the next 5 or so months, over 2,000 more sightings were reported across the country. That’s a lot of aliens. The Belgian government eventually got fed up with hearing those reports and, assuming that the US was testing some aircraft nearby, got in touch with them to find out. But the Americans told them no such tests were taking place.

With little to go on, the Belgian government saw only one way to get to the bottom of the situation, getting up close and personal with one of the supposed “craft”. So, when reports of a sighting came in one March night, jets were scrambled and sent up to meet with the enigmatic visitor.

Frustratingly, the fighter pilots couldn’t see the object itself, but they did just about catch it on radar. The radar blip started moving erratically and jumping great distances, before accelerating way beyond a manmade craft’s capability and just vanishing.


Sounds eerily similar to the other sightings. After that, encounters quietly died down. While the Belgian government was quick to dismiss the whole affair, they couldn’t provide any compelling alternative explanations.

It’s possible that the sheer gravitas of the initial sightings inspired paranoia among citizens, making them more susceptible to the idea of seeing the triangular shape in the sky. But that doesn’t explain the mysterious radar blip. Those were probably aliens, just dropping by for some of that sweet Belgian chocolate.

Skinny Bob

Most fake alien encounters involve offputtingly grainy photos of faraway spaceships. That’s because it’d take a whole lot of cash, time, and skill to convincingly fake an alien up close. Which is exactly what makes “Skinny Bob” such an enigma. In 2011, a Reddit user named Ivan posted a startling video clip to the website, claiming it was recorded by the KGB. In the footage below you will see the mystery of Skinny Bob.

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According to Ivan, the alien was on a diplomatic mission from the Zeta Reticuli star system and had been sent to discuss matters of mutual concern. What exactly those matters were wasn’t disclosed. But supposedly what you’re seeing is an excerpt from an interview with the being.

Visual effects expert Randy Sharp, who worked on the likes of "I am Legend" and "Watchmen", looked at the footage and gave some startling testimony. According to him, if it was a fake, it would’ve truly tested the tech available in 2011 and took somebody with a crazy level of skill and knowledge to pull it off. On top of all that, it would’ve cost an arm and a leg, somewhere in the ballpark of $250,000!

So given that nobody has ever claimed ownership of the video, or tried to profit from it, such an expensive prank seems illogical. Is it real then? Who knows, but we should keep an eye out for Skinny Bob appearing in any more movies! Though it has been over a decade, so maybe he’s more of a Fat Bob these days.

The Phoenix Lights

So far we’ve covered some very widely observed UFO sightings. But nothing can match the sheer number of people that reported seeing what became known as “the Phoenix Lights”. The Phoenix Lights were two events that happened on the evening of March 13th, 1997, in the skies above Nevada and Arizona.


The first event started at around 7.30 pm when a witness in Henderson, Nevada reported seeing an array of glowing orbs in the sky. From there they slowly made their way across state lines to Phoenix, Arizona a nearly 300-mile journey that was seen by thousands upon thousands of people, including actor Kurt Russell!

The lights made the shape of a V, with some observers claiming they could faintly see the craft itself through the clouds. Then, they passed over the city and disappeared without a trace. And it gets weirder at around 10 pm, loads of people in Phoenix also reported seeing a separate row of bright lights hovering in the sky.

According to author and renowned UFO skeptic Robert Sheaffer, those lights actually originated from 2 separate US Air Force training exercises with A-10 jets. One exercise consisted of the planes flying in a triangle formation and another of them firing flares. What a buzzkill, but it makes sense.


Case closed, right? Wrong. In 2007, former Arizona governor and witness John Fife Symington III came out to speak on the lights. As a pilot, he claimed to know every aircraft imaginable, and whatever he saw that night was not something he recognized.

Not content with just discrediting the official explanation, he also expressed his support for the government to investigate further! To this day, however, we still don’t have a solid answer, the whole thing is very much up in the air.


Back in 2017, our solar system got one of the most mysterious uninvited guests imaginable. A mysterious red object somewhere between 300 and 3,000ft long was observed moving past the Sun.

The visitor was dubbed Oumuamua by scientists, a Hawaiian word meaning “a messenger from afar arriving first.” Fitting, because it certainly came from afar and it was the first object of its kind we’ve ever seen. Naturally, then, its sudden appearance was very exciting for astronomers.


But it was also unnerving. Just what was that thing? Well, it was cigar-shaped and traveled at astounding speeds of up to 55 miles a second, a whopping 20 miles per second faster than the average speed of a comet. But unlike comets, it had no visible tail of space dust behind it. The strange object raced through our solar system for 11 days then left again, never to return.

As you might’ve guessed, many were quick to cry alien. And understandably so, it seemed to defy all explanation. That being said, people have tried to explain it. Some believe Oumuamua was a block of solid hydrogen, while others are sure it was a comet after all, just one with strange, mysterious properties.

Scientists say it was a bit of both, a comet filled with hydrogen ice! Remember how much faster it was than ordinary comets? Well, the clever clogs at NASA reckon that when it passed by our sun the heat released the comet’s hydrogen, causing the burst of extra speed.


They also say there was no tail because hydrogen doesn’t have the momentum to pull space dust behind it. But what do you think? Was Oumuamua really just a big old space rock, or is all that just smoke and mirrors? Ifif an alien spaceship did come into our solar system to monitor us, wouldn’t our governments want to cover it up to stop mass panic?

Calvine Photograph, The Best UFO Picture Ever

UFO photos almost always look like they’ve been taken using a toaster, they’re either super blurry or don’t resemble UFOs at all. All jokes aside, take a look at the Calvine photo below, widely known as the clearest UFO snap ever taken!

Captured in Scotland by two young chefs in 1990, the incredible image shows a strange diamond-shaped object flying in front of a conventional plane. The two chefs sent it to a newspaper, but instead of publishing it, the paper passed the image to the British Ministry of Defense, where it promptly disappeared for 30 long years.


Then, in 2020, British academic journalist David Clarke finally tracked it down. After first hearing about the story in 2009 but without the photographic evidence itself, it has captivated him ever since.

Eventually, he tracked down a former Royal Air Force officer who’d held onto a print of it. Apparently, the retired officer had been waiting for someone to call him about it for years so was more than willing to share the pic.

And unlike a lot of other UFO sightings, this one can’t easily be debunked. Andrew Robinson, senior photography lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University analyzed the photo and concluded that whatever the object is, it’s definitely there in front of the camera. So, there’s no editing trickery going on.

The RAF officer who held onto it also said that when the photo was sent in, the witnesses claimed the craft made no noise whatsoever. Who the witnesses actually are though, we don’t know. Though the names and original photo should’ve been released in 2021, British authorities have refused to do so until 2076, citing “privacy concerns”.

The UFO Battle of Los Angeles

The Foo Fighters incident wasn’t the only time aliens allegedly came down to investigate us in wartime. There was also the Battle of Los Angeles. Shortly after joining the war, the USA was still reeling from the Japanese attack on their naval base at Pearl Harbor.

The country was on high alert, preparing for the possibility of another strike on US soil. So, when air raid sirens sounded in LA County one February night in 1942, troops ran desperately to the anti-aircraft guns and started firing.


Soon, the sky was filled with smoke, shrapnel, and fire in a defensive barrage that lasted over an hour. Then, silence. But as the sun rose, soldiers realized something very peculiar, there seemed to have been no enemy at all. Absolutely nothing had been shot down!

Some witnesses claimed to have seen a single balloon-like craft in the sky that night, something ufologists are adamant is evidence of extraterrestrial activity! A now iconic photo showing countless searchlights focusing on an unknown object served as fuel for the fire.


Could there be something alien amidst all that bright light? Possibly, but it turns out the original image was heavily edited prior to being published in newspapers so it would be clearer to see in black and white print.

What’s more, the US Air Force concluded that a series of meteorological air balloons were released over Los Angeles at the time, which probably started the scare. So, no aliens this time. Although, there’s always a chance it was a cover-up.

The Turkish UFO Incident

Many UFO sightings are highly publicized cases that have inspired heated debate over the years. Then, you have far lesser-known ones, like the Turkish UFO Incident. Between 2007 and 2009, 12 different witnesses came forward claiming they’d seen a strange metallic craft in the skies off the coast of northwest Turkey. But we don’t have to take their word for it, plenty of them filmed it:

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Authorities were quick to try and dismiss the sightings as some kind of elaborate hoax, but that proved very hard to do. Indeed, after some of the shocking footage was reviewed by 2 separate state-sponsored boards, they came up with nothing.

In fact, they were forced to conclude that it was genuine. That’s not to say that they definitely believed it was aliens. But they did conclude that the clip wasn’t edited and that the vehicle didn’t conform with any known human craft.

The UFO Abduction of Antônio Vilas Boas

It was an unassuming night in October of 1957. In an effort to avoid the hot daytime sun, 23-year-old Brazilian Antônio Vilas Boas decided to work the fields of his farm in the evening. Suddenly, he was distracted from his labor by an ominous red star appearing in the dark sky.

It grew bigger and bigger until he realized it was heading right for him! Antônio watched in horror as the star revealed itself to be some kind of alien spaceship preparing to land. Then he noped right out of there. Or, at least, tried to.


His tractor wouldn’t start so he was forced to flee on foot through the fields. But something was chasing him and whatever it was, it was too fast! Antônio yelped as he was tackled by several humanoid creatures who subdued him and dragged him onto the ship!

While aboard, he was stripped naked and covered in a strange gel. Then the creatures took a blood sample from his chin and left him alone in a locked room filled with noxious gas which made him feel seriously ill.

As he sat there, naked, gooey, and sick on an alien spacecraft, he probably thought his night couldn’t get any weirder. He was wrong. Suddenly a nude female alien entered the room and seduced him. One thing led to another, and Antônio wound up doing the nasty with the alien babe. Then, after completing his task, he was given a quick tour of the ship before being dropped off back home.


It’s supposedly a true account, as told by Antônio himself, even though many are pretty suspicious of his story. But Antônio was examined by a medical professional shortly after the alleged incident and was found to be suffering from radiation sickness.

I’m not saying that means his wild tale is true. But I’m having trouble figuring out how else he could’ve got radiation poisoning. Either way, our spacefaring farmer stuck to the story for the rest of his life until he passed away in 1991.

Lake Baikal Aliens

Lake Baikal in Russia is the oldest and deepest lake in the world, with a colossal maximum depth of some 5,400ft. That means two to-scale replicas of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, could fit in there stacked on top of each other!


Naturally, then, the lake has inspired countless legends and been the site of an awful lot of alien activity! Many people over the years have reported seeing strange lights, craft, and even mysterious figures skulking around its shoreline.

In 2009, Sergey Konechnykh and his son stepped outside to watch the sunset over the waters. To their shock, they saw two strange glowing orbs rise out of the lake and start floating above it! Thankfully, Sergey managed to snag a picture of those ominous lights before they vanished back under the murky depths.


So whatever they saw, it was definitely real. But sightings don’t just take place around the lake, they also happen inside it. In 1982, a squad of Russian military divers reportedly encountered a group of abnormally tall humanoid creatures swimming 160ft below the surface of Baikal.

The group attempted to subdue and capture one of the strange beings, only to be forcefully ejected from the water by them! If you surface too quickly while diving you’ll suffer from decompression sickness, or “the bends”, a potentially fatal condition caused by the rapid change in pressure. Sure enough, several of the divers passed away shortly after surfacing.

©Be Amazed

Those aliens don’t sound too friendly. Sure, this story could just be made up, but when combined with Sergey’s photo and the countless other tales surrounding the lake, you can’t help but think something must be going on over there.

Real-Life MIB

I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the Men in Black movies, apart from that awful spin off they’re a lot of fun! But did you know they’re based on a real-life phenomenon that’s downright terrifying? When people report extraterrestrial activity, they sometimes get a visit from a real-life MIB.

Only, they don’t get Will Smith knocking at their door. Creepy men clad entirely in black have supposedly tracked down witnesses and either intimidated them into silence or, in some stories, made them outright disappear!

One particularly strange story occurred in 2009 and was caught on camera. Below, you can see 2 insidious interlopers, in a hotel in Ontario, Canada.

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Two bizarre men dressed in black wandered into the lobby. They had no eyebrows or eyelashes, seemed to be wearing wigs underneath their hats, and were identical in appearance.

Then, according to witnesses, the duo began grilling the bellboy to let them see the manager, Shane Sovar. When the bellboy told them that Shane wasn’t working they didn’t believe him and began rummaging around as if they owned the place! Whatever they were looking for though, it seems they didn’t find it.

Eventually, the strangers disappeared without a trace and were never heard from again, but why were they there in the first place? Well, Shane had reported seeing a large, triangular UFO above Niagara Falls the year before. He’d mostly forgotten the incident, but it seems that not everybody had!


Most ufologists believe the Men in Black are government agents tasked with suppressing word on alien sightings, but what if it’s more than that? No hair of any kind, identical appearances, what if those guys are aliens themselves!? Would it not be in their best interest to keep their existence under wraps, so they can carry on doing, whatever it is they do?

I hope you were amazed at this analysis of the best evidence that might prove the existence of aliens. Thanks for reading!

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