Funniest Cooking Fails Ever

Many people tried cooking things and failed miserably. Here are some of the funniest and worst cooking fails ever.


From how-to videos gone hilariously wrong, to burning a pizza so badly it breaks, let’s take a look at some of the funniest cooking fails ever uploaded to the Internet.

Burning Calories?

Have you ever put something in the oven, not set a timer, and then forgotten about it? It only takes a few extra minutes to char your frozen pizza or burn the majority of your meal. But have you ever fallen asleep with the oven on? After a few hours on a high heat, your meal ends up looking something like food-shaped charcoal!

A guy got drunk, got hungry, fell asleep, and awoke 6 hours later to this in the picture below. By some miracle, he didn’t burn his entire house down! On the bright side, look at all the calories he burned.


We’ve all burned something, but have you ever burned something so badly it broke? Well, TikTok creator Ashlynn Holliday has.

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Did she just invent self-cutting pizza? Not quite. Thanks to the laws of thermal expansion, most things tend to expand when they’re heated up. But when they cool, they shrink back down. And because Ashlyn had burned away any moisture left in this poor pizza; out of the oven its components all shrank so much it snapped.

Aside from burning your meal beyond recognition, there’s two more reasons why you shouldn’t even think about cooking when you’re intoxicated: One, you could have an accident. And two, someone might be recording you and put your failure up on the Internet for all to see, like this clip below.


At first, this guy’s just drunkenly struggling to get his pizza out of the oven, but then suddenly all hell breaks loose. Luckily, he was fine, and the overturned oven didn’t burn the house down! But after this clip hit the internet, the comments people made left that guy thoroughly roasted.

Egg Disaster

Eggs are normally super simple to make and require very little effort to get right. However, not even the simplest egg recipe in the world can make up for butterfingers in the kitchen!

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Making an omelet is pretty simple in practice. You just whisk up some eggs and heat them up on the stove! Putting a lid over the top of the pan can help the whole thing cook through quickly.

But be careful your omelet doesn’t stick to the lid, otherwise you might end up making Stian Urheim’s mistake. We have to admit that that is one heck of a non-stick pan!

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Most people are hopeless when it comes to seasoning food; they always under-season it! Which is, hilariously, the opposite problem to what reddit user chickenalfredy had. Either this guy really loves pepper, or he didn’t check if his lid was screwed on properly!


But don’t worry chickenalfredy, you’re not the only one to make this mistake! Fortunately, TikTok creator Silcl’s sister has come up with a solution to this peppery problem; using a vacuum cleaner to suck up the excess pepper! What could possibly go wrong?

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No pepper, no eggs, no problem? Instead of assuming your eggs are immune to suction, you should probably try and learn from your mistake, check the lid is screwed on, and just make more eggs. Well, at least the vacuum isn’t hungry anymore!

Have you ever made a quesadilla? It’s so simple. You just fill a tortilla with ingredients, heat it on both sides, and voila. Sounds easy but flipping it over in the pan can be hard. Most regular-brained people use a spatula or a plate, but the big-brained people among us decide to flip it freestyle. Though it doesn’t always end well.

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That’s what you get for trying to flip that thing at the speed of light using a wok!

Kay's Cooking

There's a YouTube channel called ‘Kay’s Cooking,’ showing the exploits of wanna-be British chef, Kay. She tried to cook special fried rice without actually cooking the rice before. But she did another food-based hate crime on her channel; this time in the form of spaghetti bolognese.

Kay starts off controversially, as usual, by adding a few eggs into her mince. After throwing in a little tomato sauce, she throws the whole lot into the oven. There was no way near enough sauce or moisture to cook all that pasta. So, when Kay took the tray out of the oven, the pasta was well and truly burned.

Entirely unphased, she sprinkled on some onion, added more sauce, and put it back in the oven. Finally, her son and human Guinea Pig was brought in to do the taste test. You can watch the 8-minute of torture in the video below:

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Rice Gone Wrong

We’ve seen people mess up oven ready food, eggs, pasta, even quesadillas. Maybe we need a food that’s so simple, it’s impossible to ruin. How about rice? You just wash it, put it in a pan with enough water, get it boiling, turn the heat down so it simmers, and give it a few minutes. Or use a rice cooker.

Cooking rice is quite simple. But TikTok creator sadlonelyfroggy knows not everyone gets it. His sister tried to make rice in the microwave, and as a result, created this:

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It looks like she tried to use a non-microwavable plastic lid to cover her rice bowl, which melted and caught fire, ruining everything. Honestly though, she ruined it the moment she put it in the microwave.

But what Reddit user Pandarmour created was a pure abomination. It looks like they were planning on feeding an army!

According to their post, they were halfway through cooking the rice when - for some reason - they left it for half a day. When they came back and started cooking it again, this happened.


Rice doubles in size when cooked, so overcooking what looks like an entire bag’s worth in a pan that’s too small is never gonna end well.

Surprise Fillings

Have you ever looked at a recipe and tried to spice it up by adding something extra? Most people adjust the seasoning to their taste or try something new with the flavors. Others straight up add entirely inedible objects.

I’m guessing whoever was baking the banana bread below forgot they left a spoon in the baking tin! Either that or they took the instruction of ‘spoon mixture into tin’ a little too literally.


While that’s almost understandable, I’m having a really hard time trying to figure out how someone baked a pair of glasses into their bread! They must have forgotten they’d put them down in a bread tin, and then couldn’t see that they had! Well, here’s hoping they added a little crunch at least!


Oven Fails

While I’m 99% sure those items only ruined the food they were incorporated into, other kitchen failures can end up ruining much more. For example, if you don’t check your tray is oven proof, then it might end up melting and cover everything in a layer of molten plastic like the picture below!


That pizza still looks good though. Even though it is not advisable to eat that extra mozzarella. Thankfully, according to the reddit poster, once the plastic cooled it could all be removed from the oven, but that top rack was done for! And the pizza didn’t make it either.

Frozen pizza is one of the easiest foods to cook, providing you follow the instructions. Throw it in a preheated oven from frozen and you’re good to go. But if you try to do something dumb like thaw it out before cooking, and don’t pre-heat the oven, your dinner might look like this:


When thawed, most pizza dough doesn’t have the structural integrity to hold together over the grill gaps. Parts of it can drop through, creating a mushroom cloud of disappointment. Or you end up eating most of your pizza off the bottom of the oven. So, do yourself a favor, and follow the instructions on the box. They’re there for a reason!

Some things are a little harder to cook than frozen pizza, though. A whole unstuffed turkey, for instance, can take hours in the oven, needing roughly 13 minutes per pound at 350°F. With the average turkey coming in at 30 lbs, that’s 390 minutes, so it's 6.5 hours give or take.

Either way, it’s a lot of maths, and not everyone is good with numbers, as one family found out. No, this person wasn’t cooking a xenomorph; that is a turkey.


They probably had the temperature set way too high. Or they just basted this bad boy with kerosene and hoped for the best!

Hob Fails

While it’s pretty easy to tell if a gas hob is on or not just by looking for the flames, it can be a bit more difficult with electric hobs. Unless they’re glowing orange, it’s almost impossible to tell if they’re hot or not without waving your hand over to feel the heat.

This can be a bit problematic if you’re spreading all your stuff out over the kitchen and forget that the hob is still hot, as TikTok User Panjollo found out.

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That plastic board melted straight through! In case that happens to you, you can unplug that hob element when it's cool, stick it in the freezer, and in a few hours the plastic should pop right off!


Who knew the lessons I’d learned from my enduring kitchen incompetence would come in handy someday! Sadly, I don’t have any advice for issues as catastrophic as in this video clip below.

TikTok creator Landon Reid was cooking a bean-based casserole in an old Pyrex casserole dish when it exploded on their stove.

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Pyrex cookware is made from a type of tempered glass and, while it’s perfect to use in an oven, it’s not advised to be used on a stovetop. Unfortunately, this warning was never put on the vintage Pyrex dishes, which might be what lead to this bean-based disaster!

Although, there are always worse things you could spill on a stovetop. Back in 2011, a young woman in Japan tried her hand at cooking, only to produce whatever the heck the image below is.


It’s thick, gooey, and blacker than night – what on earth is it? Was she boiling molasses? Is it that miniboss from Dark Souls?

In fact, the picture below is definitely the miniboss from Dark Souls. Actually, it might also be the same thing that lady before was trying to cook!


Apparently, the person that made this molten mistake was actually trying to make some caramel. Caramel is a fickle treat, created by combining sugar, butter and cream over a high heat. But it can boil and burn in an instant, making it really difficult to get right.

Most likely, this person was making a big batch of caramel and somehow forgot about it for several hours. Considering sugar’s melting point is around 366° F, this glowing red overflow is obviously super-hot.

Baking Disasters

If you have ever tried baking, you'll realize that it's tricky to get over how many different ingredients are needed and how much time it all takes! But some people have a lot of patience and can create gorgeous looking bread rolls like the little ducks below. Those corn beaks are a particularly cute touch!


You might be wondering what they look like when they’re baked. Not pretty, that's for sure. Those poor bread ducks weren’t left with enough room to expand in the pan when baked, so they merged together into one huge, horrifying duck-based nightmare.


Instead of bread, we should take a look at something a little easier to bake, like cupcakes! Can’t go wrong with cupcakes. If kids can make them, anyone can, except for TikTok creator Becca, it would seem.

Instead of tasty cakes, Becca opened their oven to find boiling liquid simmering away in the cupcake cases. As we all know, you’re not meant to drink cake.

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Some commenters have suggested that Becca may have accidentally used too much baking soda or powder in their mix. This is a common baking ingredient that reacts in the batter to produce carbon dioxide, raising the batter and giving it a fluffy texture. But add too much, and the batter might overflow just like that.

Maybe cupcakes were a step too far. How about cookies? They’re basically just butter, sugar, and flour. Pretty hard to mess that up, right? Wrong. Someone on Twitter tried to make some cute dinosaur cookies.

©Be Amazed

Traditional cookie mix doesn’t make a roll out dough, as it’s just too wet. That’s why it’s best to roll the mixture into balls on the baking tray, giving them room to bake and spread out evenly. Disregarding this entirely, this person decided to cram as much mixture as they could into a few dinosaur molds and put them in the oven to bake.

They knew they messed up after 10 minutes and they looked like the picture below after 20 minutes. What kind of dinosaurs are these meant to be?

©Be Amazed

Recently, a cloud bread recipe has taken TikTok by storm and thousands of creators have shared their step-by-step attempts at making it. All you need to do is whip together egg whites, sugar and corn starch into a stiff mixture, and add a little food coloring before baking. Seems simple enough, what could go wrong? A lot, it turns out.

The egg whites need to be whipped until they form stiff peaks, which come from the egg white proteins forming bonds with one another that trap all the air being whisked into them. If they aren’t mixed for long enough, the bonds don’t form properly and the air can escape, leaving you with a mess, as creator AnjabFoodie found out.

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Her hilariously tiny whisk clearly wasn’t up to the task! But she might have saved herself from this recipe. Despite the name, this isn’t bread, it’s just a fluffy, wet lump of slightly sweet egg, no matter how much it looks like cotton candy! This has left a bitter taste in some creator’s mouths, for sure!

Creator urpunk decided to add in a few extra ingredients to combat this, and it didn’t end well. From those dark spots, it looks like they added in some sort of berries.

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When baked, the berries probably released extra moisture and sugar into the mixture. This broke down those all-important protein bonds, leaving them with an eggy pancake instead of fluffy cloud bread. Well, if you trust the process and follow the recipe, you shouldn’t have any issues, providing you really enjoy wet fluffy eggs!

Now, people on TikTok don’t just try to show off their cooking prowess with cloud bread and cheesecake. Creators love filming themselves making a meal, adding in all sorts of fancy cuts to make the process look very glam.

The only problem is if you have one hand recording on a phone, you don’t always have the best grip on your food and disaster can happen:

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Is there anything worse than spending hours in the kitchen, following every single step of a recipe, only for the final product to look completely different?

TikTok creator Tracey’s nanny was trying to make a Brazilian dessert called Pavé. But after using skim milk in her recipe instead of full fat milk, the result was less Pavé and more Poop-ey.

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