Genius Ideas That Should Exist Everywhere - Part 3

Lots of genius ideas exist everywhere. But some ideas are better than others. Let's find out about the most genius ideas that should exist everywhere!


Whether popular or not, nothing changes the fact that a good idea is a good idea. But sometimes, clever concepts can slip through the cracks, never receiving the recognition they deserve. So, to bring some of those neglected nuggets of pure brilliance to light, let’s check out some truly genius ideas that should exist everywhere.

3D-Printed Waterproof Casts

If you’ve ever had to wear an orthopedic cast after an injury, you’ll know the torture of having an itch you just can’t scratch. A cast can also stop you from showering properly, which can get pretty gross. Luckily, a new trend is sweeping the medical world. Casts are now being 3D-printed not only to mold to the leg but also to allow holes for washing and, importantly, scratching any itches.


With 3D-printed plastic, there’s no need for the cast to be one solid mass, so comfort and cleanliness can finally be guaranteed while in the healing process. And it’s all held together with man’s other greatest plastic invention: the zip-tie.

The Perfect Pizza Menu

Sometimes, when you’re ordering at a restaurant, you think you know what you want, but when they bring it out and you see it up close it can be a little disappointing. But if these awesome menus catch on, those moments of regret can be a thing of the past!


Each pizza is shown in full-color and full-size, so you know exactly what you’re getting in for. Maybe while restaurants are at it, McDonald’s could make their menus more true-to-life too.

Shampoo Refill Station

When it comes to reducing waste, the biggest impacts come from changing the way we approach everyday items. Replacing plastic water bottles with reusable metal ones is great, but drugstores in the Czech Republic are going a step further.

By introducing refill stations for detergent, shampoo, and shower gel, these Czech stores are cutting down on countless single-use plastics with a simple, convenient innovation. Simply return your bottle, select your refill, and you’re ready to go. Simple, environmentally conscious, and effective.


Self-Squeezing Teabag

While tea is undoubtedly a great drink, waiting for it to steep, and then fishing the teabag out with a spoon can be irritatingly time-consuming. English brand Tetley Tea realized this and added a simple pair of strings to their Easy-Squeeze teabags, allowing tea lovers to strain the teabag quickly and without a spoon. A strong, warming cup of Britain’s favorite drink has never been so simple.


Reading Floating Books In The Bath

Reading a book and taking a bath are two of life’s most relaxing activities. But many a water-crumpled page can attest that water and paper don’t mix well. Luckily, this ingenious invention allows the star-crossed lovers to meet at last, wearing protection. A deceptively-simple combination of plastic bottles, rubber gloves, tin foil, and plastic wrap make for a watertight, floating library.


Toaster Microwave Combo

The British public love baked beans on toast, so much so that it’s become somewhat of a national treasure. But for too long, there’s been a separation in the microwaving and toasting processes. However, with this invention that’s been around for decades but somehow never caught on, toasting and microwaving can be done in the same place, at the same time. Just don’t get confused and try to microwave your bread and toast your soup.


Noise Guide

In a small number of libraries across America, these strange devices have started popping up. Their colors change like traffic lights depending on the volume level in the surrounding area, giving people a visual hint when they’re being annoyingly loud. It's a great idea that provides a more subtle alternative to an enraged librarian.


Upright Wheelchair

For wheelchair-bound folks without the use of their legs, having eye-to-eye conversations or reaching elevated shelves is almost impossible. But thanks to developments from mobility companies like the Mobility Project, wheelchairs have been built with the ability to be unfolded into an upright position.

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With counter-weights and straps to keep the individual stable, this could prove to be a real game-changer for paraplegics the world over.

Electric Tape Dispenser

Anyone who’s ever wrapped a present can confirm that keeping track of the end of a roll of tape can be an infuriating task. But this ingenious machine from EZRMO uses a simple rotating disc to snip and load up your pieces of tape ready to go. Certainly, a niche product, but one that could save you a lot of time scratching away at the tape for that end bit.

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Beer Stack-Cup

One of the greatest tragedies known to man is the sight of a dude tripping and dropping the beers he was struggling to carry. Stack-Cup has stepped up to the mark, producing reusable plastic cups that keep multiple pints connected and secure with a sturdy, stackable handle.

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Perfect for stadiums and casual occasions alike, the days of wasting $30 on 3 spilt beers at a football game are over. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of time before this genius innovation hits the mainstream.

Robotic Suitcase

With the ever-expanding variety of smart products available today, it only makes sense that the range would eventually include airport luggage. The Rover Speed is the first major product to fill this niche and does so in a somewhat humorous way, following you around like a little rectangular butler.


The suitcase uses a combination of cameras, radar, and AI to keep track of you, match your pace and avoid obstacles. It can run for 12 miles on a single charge, and you can charge multiple devices off of it. On the off-chance it loses you, it’ll even send a notification to your phone.

Contour Gauge

Here’s a super-satisfying device whose existence is mostly only known to insiders of the architecture and engineering industries. It’s called a contour gauge, and it’s used to replicate the exact dimensions of a surface.


Contour gauges are incredibly handy for replacing detailed house fixtures like skirting boards, or when you need to replicate the exact dimensions of a curved or complex object. Just press against the surface, lock the strands in place, and you’ve got a way to pencil out the template of any irregular object for replacement in no time. Plus, they look extremely fun to use.

Vertigo Glasses

This idea may have a way to go before it can leave the development stage, but it’s a good idea, nonetheless. Vertigo and other balance-related ailments can cause a lot of trouble in the daily lives of sufferers, with falling over being among the worst problems.

Extreme cases can leave people unable to tell which way is down, as their malfunctioning inner-ear balance centers can make them feel like they’re leaning sideways when they’re not. But with this nifty, albeit comical, invention, gravity does the hard work for them.


The trapped materials always pool in the direction of gravity, providing some steady visual guidance for the wearer. These kinds of glasses look funny, sure, but resolving the perception differences between the ears and the eyes can significantly reduce dizziness and sickness.

Gumphone Smartphone Mouth Holder

Have you ever suffered the mild discomfort of struggling to balance your phone in a comfortably-watchable position on public transport? Or had an achy arm from holding your phone in the perfect position in bed? With a few public-access 3D-printed parts and a simple DIY assembly process, you can eliminate those problems forever. Introducing: GumPhone.


Combining a mouthguard with a phone case, you can now suspend your phone comfortably and effortlessly from your face, for ultimate video-viewing pleasure. However, the odd person here and there might question your choice of face-wear, or even try to have you sectioned. But with GumPhone’s optimal, hands-free convenience, you’ll be the last one laughing. Albeit slightly muffled laughter, as your mouth will be full.

Drive Over Truck Dump

There are some ingenious ideas that, at first, seem ridiculous. Like the idea of tipping a truck almost vertically to empty out its contents. This incredible feat is possible, thanks to the Bruks Drive-Over Truck Dumper. Using powerful hydraulics and secure locking mechanisms, this powerful system tips the contents out of trucks in record time.


Naturally, this clever idea wouldn’t work so well for trucks shipping glass and chinaware. But for grains, woodchips, and anything sturdy that needs moving in a hurry; it’s a stroke of genius.

Joseph's Machines

Another oddly-genius invention is this big-brain energy method of overcoming the often-inconvenient shape of the Pringles tube. With a simple pulley system and a bit of suction that delivers the snacks directly at mouth level, you can finally enjoy your pringles to the relaxing sounds of a vacuum cleaner.

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Joseph’s Machines is the genius behind this one, and with the countless displays of creative innovation he’s constantly producing, he’s leading us into the future.

Wearable Toothbrush

In another step towards a world of hands-free convenience, the Tongue to Teeth toothbrush replacement is a real breath of fresh air. The concept, developed by two Canadian buddies, is a disposable, tongue-mounted cleaning tool that allows you to give your teeth a thorough, discrete clean on-the-go. It fits snugly to your tongue and gets into hard-to-reach areas of your mouth with surprising dexterity.


The unusual tool has a range of applications, from freshening up the businessman in a hurry to giving the disabled person without the use of their arms a little more independence. The inside has a coating that kills bacteria on the tongue, while the textured exterior is loaded with toothpaste, ready for brushing. It’s a little unusual but it's worth giving it a shot.

Mop Flops

A pair of flip-flops with mop strands attached to the bottom might seem crazy at first. But how many times has somebody spilled something, and you’ve been forced to get down on your hands and knees to wipe it up? What about when the floors need cleaning, and you darn near put your back out mopping them? Now you can, quite literally, dance your way to a squeaky-clean home.


All you need is to cut some cloth, or use the pre-cut fabric of an existing mop, and super-glue the strands to the bottom of an old pair of flip-flops. Before you know it, you’ll be dusting the floors and moon-walking all in one sweeping movement. Who said cleaning couldn’t be fun?

Overhead Storage

When it comes to storage, unless you live in a mansion, there never seems to be enough to go around. Luckily, the folks over at came up with this ingenious solution to your storage woes.


By assembling a simple, ceiling-mounted series of plywood drawers, storage totes can be easily tucked away on the ceilings of garages or other storage-intensive rooms. And when you start storing things on the ceiling, the only way is up! Just make sure your ceiling, screws, and wooden planks can handle the weight.

Under Stairs Storage

If you’re still strapped for storage solutions, get ready to step up your game. This clever staircase has been specifically designed so that the lower few steps pull out to offer additional storage.


Not only does it utilize otherwise-wasted space under the stairs, but it also provides a handy place to store shoes near the front door! Best of all, when the drawers are closed, they blend right in.

Living Cube

A problem faced by many people renting apartments nowadays is that, despite extortionate costs, they’re just too small! But a cramped apartment is no longer an issue, just so long as you have enough space for this ingenious design: The Living Cube!


Available in a variety of sizes and styles, this bunk-bed, wall-cabinet combo has plenty of space to house your TV, books, clothes, and gadgets, all within a super compact design. It might take you a few nights to get used to sleeping in a bed directly on top of all your belongings. But at least it’ll be easy to grab a book to read if you can’t sleep!

Plus, if you need some alone time, you can hide away through the side-panel door! It’s not quite an apocalypse survival bunker, but it’s a start.

Gates of The Future

When it comes to gates, there’s a huge variety you can choose from, but you probably never expected to see ones like these in the video below.

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A distinctive design uses a deceptively simple gear-like rotation system to add some flair to your entryway. While there’s certainly more room for things to go wrong than with a normal gate, the level of smugness you’ll feel over your jealous neighbors will make it all worth it. Talk about making an entrance!

Wearable Sleeping Bag

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like an ostrich, there’s never been a better time than now, nor a product better than this. This bipedal sleeping bag, equal parts artistry and abomination, combines the warmth of a sleeping bag with the mobility of a thick pair of arctic-exploration pants.

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Available in a range of styles and colors, the genius invention zips open to allow the feet some air when needed. Some even seal back up into a regular sleeping bag. If you like comfort and mobility, then the genius of this product needs no explanation. If you’re unsure, you should sleep on it.

If you were amazed at these ingenious ideas, you might want to read our whole series about genius ideas that should be everywhere! Thanks for reading!

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