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Tune in for the incredible toys billionaires like to splash their cash on!


They say money can’t buy you happiness but for billionaires, it simply depends how you spend it. Turns out, there’s no shortage of wildly extravagant gadgets and gizmos out there, to help the richest of the rich keep boredom at bay. From inflatable superyacht mega slides to flying jet suits that let you fly like Iron Man, here are some of the most outrageous toys only billionaires can afford!

Superyacht Mega-slide

If there’s one thing the world’s wealthiest elites are known for, it’s owning the snazziest superyachts they can find. But there’s one superyacht owner out there who felt that just a standard superyacht wasn’t enough.

In 2013, an anonymous client approached luxury British yacht furnishings company Superyacht Tenders & Toys, with a tremendously tall order that made quite the splash. They’d requested no less than a custom-built, inflatable waterslide, to be attached to the side of their 230-foot superyacht’s helideck.

Superyacht Mega-slide

The supersized slide stands at a gargantuan 41 feet in length, weighs in at over 4,000 pounds and cost a mind-boggling $35,000! While we may not know the mystery buyer’s identity, there’s no doubt a whopping waterslide like it is sure to see them making a name for themselves among their billionaire buddies.


From Transformers to Pacific Rim, you might think giant robots are confined to the world of science fiction and Shia LeBeouf. But, if you’ll believe it, it’s now possible to pilot your very own giant battle bot in the real world, if you’ve got the dollar to pay for it that is.

In 2012, a 13-foot-tall, tank-like titan, known as Kuratas, was unveiled by the Japanese robotics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry. But it isn’t just any robot, it is the world’s first giant rideable robot. Powered by gasoline, and drivable at up to six miles per hour, Kuratas can be operated as a massive mech suit from its inbuilt cockpit.

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The mech-robot hybrid can even be equipped with a cannon that fires water bottles, as well as a 6,000-round-per-minute twin BB Gatling gun that reportedly only activates when its rider is smiling. Because what else other than a lean mean mildly psychopathic machine would make a billionaire smile?

A single Kuratas unit was put up for sale on Amazon by Suidobashi Heavy Industry in 2015. But despite having no arms, nor the small-scale weaponry previously advertised, it was still offered at just over $1 million. Whether anyone bought the model remains unclear; but what is clear is that there are plenty of billionaires taking a special interest in robots.

During a technology conference hosted by Amazon in 2017, Jeff Bezos piloted another 13-foot mech suit that looks eerily like an Avatar AMP suit.

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A year later, he was even spotted taking one of Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs out for a walk.

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Although those advanced machines were intended for industrial purposes, there’s no doubt they make the perfect billionaire toy. And with enough investment towards developing robotic technologies, who knows what those mechanical toys of the future might look like?

NeuTron X

For the well-seasoned billionaire, making money is as easy as riding a bike, but maybe not the kind of bike you’d expect. The radical two-wheeler in the image below is known as the NeuTron X:

NeuTron X

A real-life replica of the iconic Light Cycle from the 2010 movie ‘Tron: Legacy’. Designed by American vehicle manufacturer Parker Brothers Concepts, these bike uses the actual blueprints created for the Tron movie props. The all-electric, street-legal replica packs 110 horsepower, and top speeds of 125 miles per hour.

Combined with its sleek carbon fiber exterior, and customizable neon rim strips, the NeuTron X certainly lets you tear up the asphalt in true billionaire style. As of early 2023, just 10 models were available for purchase, priced at a track scorching $100,000 each. It’s likely they’ve already been snagged by a few especially wealthy Tron fans out there.

Gold-Encrusted By Caviar

They say all that glitter is not gold, but that doesn’t stop the richest of the rich from pimping just about everything they own. You might have seen the fake Cartier fidget spinner featured in a parody commercial on Saturday Night Live, and while that was just played for laughs, it might shock you to know that there’s actually a real-world counterpart.

Known as the go-to for billionaires wishing to pimp their possessions, Russian luxury goods company Caviar are notorious for giving popular consumer products mega-expensive makeovers. In 2017, Caviar debuted the world’s flashiest fidget spinner, made entirely of over 3.5 ounces of 18-karat gold. With an outrageous price tag of almost $17,000, playing with the glamorous gimmick is sure to make any billionaire's ego spin out of control.

Flashiest fidget spinner

Caviar went on to create an even more pimped-out personal gadget in 2019. The one-of-a-kind, iced-out iPhone 11 Pro is known as the Credo Christmas Star and features an intricate nativity scene molded into 18-karat gold plating, positioned below a massive 3-carat diamond. To keep that gleaming gadget in your back pocket, you’d need to be truly deep-pocketed in the first place since Caviar priced it at a sparkling $129,000.

the Credo Christmas Star

Ironically, anyone who could actually afford that iPhone probably wouldn’t even need it, because their personal assistant would likely handle all their phone calls for them anyway. That makes the dazzling device more of a toy than a communication tool and perfect for playing the world’s most luxurious game of Angry Birds!

Speaking of luxury gaming, Caviar has extended its glittering Midas touch to more than just fidget spinners and phones. We all know how much value gamers place on their treasured consoles so, in 2020, Caviar unveiled a premium PlayStation 5 that’s worth its weight in gold.

The PS5 Golden Rock Edition is encased in almost 10 pounds of 18-karat gold and comes with a matching pair of shimmering DualSense controllers. While other golden PS5s have popped up in the past, like the smooth, 24-karat gold-plated version worth $9,000, the Golden Rock quite literally crushes the competition, as well as about 99.9% of the world’s wallets.

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While the original PS5 came with a $499 price tag when released in 2020, the Golden Rock version weighs in at an absurd $499,000 apiece. If you’re thinking that nobody would ever actually pay half a million dollars for a PlayStation, that’s just your inner peasant talking.

Despite only nine models being manufactured, over 1,300 applications were put in for the limited edition consoles. While the Golden Rock might look like half a million dollars, its internal specifications are identical to those of a regular PS5. So, much like many billionaire treats, the toy’s extreme price proves to be purely cosmetic!


While you might assume a billionaire’s best friend is money, they’re not against getting up close and personal with our friends in the animal kingdom, in ways only the ultra-rich can. Just have a look at the footage below.

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The Seabreacher is a two-seater personal watercraft that allows the rider to experience what it’s like to roam the seas through the eyes of some of its most awesome creatures. Developed by American company Innespace Productions, those watercraft can be customized to look like dolphins, sharks, and killer whales, just to name a few.

Powered by a supercharged 230 horsepower engine, the Seabreacher glides at over 50 miles per hour along the water’s surface, or 25 miles per hour underwater, that’s the same max speed as a real-life dolphin. Most impressively of all, the Seabreacher can even launch itself skyward up to heights of 20 feet for riders to live out their very own Free Willy moment.

While the Seabreacher looks like the perfect vehicle to appear in the next James Bond movie, anyone who finds the sea a little scary sometimes might want to think twice before jumping into one. But I don’t know what puts me off more: the crippling $100,000 price tag, or the idea of coming face to face with a very real non-Seabreacher manufactured sea beast.

Astronomia Solar Planets Zodiac Watch

The best billionaire businessmen out there will tell you that time is money, but what they might not tell you is just how much money they’re really spending on their own timekeeping gizmos. Released in 2014 by American luxury watchmaker Jacob & Co, the Astronomia Solar Planets Zodiac is the ultimate billionaire wristwatch that makes even a Rolex look basic.

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The personal timepiece quite literally reminds us of our place in time and space, featuring tiny rotating replicas of the Sun and planets, made from eight different varieties of precious gemstones. It also includes 12 hand-engraved zodiac signs filled in with 18 karat rose gold, which replace the 12 numbers found on a typical watch face.

While the popular Rolex Submariner model can set collectors back between $9,000 and $45,000, those looking to get their hands on the Astronomia Zodiac will have to put up an earth-shattering $348,000. So, while not the most practical-looking timepiece, looks like Jacob & Co has gone interstellar with creating a toy for helping billionaires feel like little intergalactic explorers!

Real Batmobile

While you’ve probably heard of the fictional billionaire Bruce Wayne, you may not know that real-life billionaires finally have a way to feel like the caped crusader himself. This is a fan-made and street-legal replica of the Batmobile Tumbler, straight out of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

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In 2014, five of those replicas were put up for sale at a staggering $1 million each, and one of them even ended up in a luxury car showroom in Dubai. While many other Tumbler replicas have been built by fans since its first movie appearance in 2005, the iteration boasts top speeds of 155 miles per hour, plus a beastly 500 horsepower jet engine.

Combined with its sleek black exterior, menacing fins, and monstrous 44-inch rear tires, driving it would certainly make quite the statement. Just picture pulling up to a gas station in this bad boy, scaring small children and making grown men weep with envy, you’d be the talk of the town! Or at least the talk of your local comic bookstore and PTA groups.

Once you’re done fighting Gotham’s criminal underworld in your Batmobile Tumbler replica, why not grab your visor and meet me on the green for a game of golf, Gotham style? Let me introduce you to the Batmobile golf cart.

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Perfect for thwarting the Joker’s evil schemes even while you’re schmoozing business associates on the weekends. Outfitted with adjustable leather seats, and twin storage compartments for all your golf clubs, just five of those tiny Tumblers were hand-built by American machine manufacturer RPM Productions in 2021.

Super Swamper rear tires and Bat symbols unify function and flashiness to have any billionaire feeling like a real superhero while speeding past sand traps and water hazards on the links, at up to 40 miles per hour. While it costs around $50 to rent a regular golf cart for the day, one of those rare, miniature Batmobile buggies will set golfing Gothamites back $50,000.

Flying Hovercraft

Now a message for our ultra-rich friends who may be reading this article. Here at Be Amazed Luxury Industries, we know how annoying it can be for you poor, unfortunate billionaires that your supercars only drive on land. That’s why we’ve got the perfect solution for you: the Flying Hovercraft!

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The magical contraption combines the thrill of flying with the ease of gliding over land and water, it’s the triple threat that’ll make you a celebrity down at the country club.

Powered by a 130 horsepower gasoline engine, the Flying Hovercraft’s fan-propelled air cushion levitation technology conquers 30% inclines of all terrains, and soars over the heads of admiring onlookers at up to 70 miles per hour! All that for a tiny, one-time payment of $190,000!

Shimansky Diamond Soccer Ball

Despite their glittering lifestyles, in some ways, billionaires really are just like you and me and if they’re anything like me, they’ll love a good game of soccer. Their choice of soccer equipment, however, might differ a little! The Shimansky diamond soccer ball is the perfect accessory for the ultimate soccer fan who doesn’t only want to see their team score big on the field, they want in on the action themselves.

Diamond Soccer Ball

Created during the 2010 FIFA World Cup by South African jeweler, Yair Shimansky, the 3,500 carat blinged out ball is studded with 9,260 white and black diamonds, $2.6 million worth of diamonds, altogether. While you probably wouldn’t want to kick around a ball worth $2 million as it is, all that bling also comes with a burden.

While your average soccer ball is around eight ounces; the billionaire ball tips the scales at 4.8 pounds, or a whopping 76 ounces, so I’d say anyone looking to use it for a practice kickaround is sure to get a pretty rude awakening. Although, if you don’t mind footing an expensive medical bill for a broken toe, it might be worth the shot, since the goalkeeper would be too busy shielding their eyes from the dazzling glare to even attempt a save!

Renault Trezor

Many millionaires and billionaires have splurged almost half a million bucks per ticket to reserve a spot on the first civilian flights to space. While it’ll be sometime before those space flights are occurring with any regularity, some companies out there are working day and night to recreate the spaceship experience on the ground.

The all-electric Renault Trezor concept car was unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show and offers just about everything a car-loving billionaire with a taste for intergalactic adventure could possibly want. With a zero to 62 miles per hour time of under four seconds, the Trezor comes with a whole host of futuristic features that are truly out of this world.

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A true spaceship for the asphalt, the car has no doors and instead just an upward-lifting roof for the ultimate auto-naut experience. But even billionaires who’ve already forked out to reserve their ride to space will need to blast $4 million towards Renault’s sales team for a chance to own the Trezor. Still, sounds like a dream come true for any billionaire with deep pockets and sky-high dreams.

Personal Submersibles

With over 80% of our oceans unexplored, we’re all wondering what could be lurking deep beneath the waves, but only billionaires have the means to find out for themselves. This is the DeepFlight Challenger, an 18-foot-long one-person submarine developed by American marine engineering firm Hawkes Ocean Technologies.

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In 2011, the billionaire founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, announced that he’d pilot the fighter jet-like sub down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean’s Puerto Rico Trench, over 28,000 feet below sea level.

Sporting a quartz view dome bonded with titanium to a carbon fiber hull, the DeepFlight Challenger is a billionaire toy built to withstand incredibly high pressures at the bottom of the ocean. Despite its heavy-duty build, the sub still failed preliminary stress tests in 2014, leaving Branson unable to fulfill his mission for now.

While Branson’s submarine project fell through, there are plenty of other billion-dollar companies coming out with outrageous personal submersibles for the rich to roam the waves in. This $5 million Seamagine Aurora 100 submersible can travel to depths of around 7,500 feet.

Seamagine Aurora

It features four propulsion thrusters for exceptional maneuverability along tight reefs and can carry up to seven passengers inside its air-conditioned, bubble-like cabin. Perfect for a wholesome day of billionaire family fun, unless your dad happens to be Jason Statham, of course.

Golden Guns

While most of us are busy unlocking virtual golden guns in video games like Overwatch, scarily, the rich seem to be amassing golden firearms in real life! The extravagant collection of shiny shooters consists of four AK-47s, one Uzi submachine gun, one Beretta handgun and six hand grenades, all plated in 24-karat, mirror-finish gold.

Golden Guns

The man behind those golden guns is an unnamed collector based in London, who must have had plenty of disposable cash to splash. A project of this scale could’ve cost upwards of $30,000 to plate that many weapons in pure gold, and the price gets even crazier when you realize that those golden guns don’t even work.

Thankfully, none of those weapons are functional and are just meant to be admired, although something tells me that the collector behind that costly cache plays make-believe mafia boss more often than he’d care to admit.

Pal-V Flying Car

For decades, people have speculated about how the flying cars of the future might look, but today’s billionaires have started to accumulate their very own flying wheels. Developed by Dutch aircraft manufacturer PAL-V, the PAL-V Liberty is not only the first flying car to be made into mass production, but it was also approved as street-legal across Europe in 2020.

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While it might be unclear if the hybrid is more car or plane, it’s actually a type of gyroplane. It means that its retractable main rotor above isn’t powered by an engine, and is instead spun by airflow as the rear-powered propeller pushes the vehicle forward, generating lift.

With the PAL-V’s maximum altitude of almost 11,500 feet, you can really imagine cruising along gracefully between the clouds, casually sipping your latte, and looking down on all the mere mortals stuck in rush hour traffic below. But the sky-high $600,000 price for a PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition model would be no problem for billionaires.

Pearl Royale Chess Set

Substantial wealth and love for chess are a partnership that seems to be as old as time itself, so it only makes sense that the two come together in a grand statement of excess. Let me introduce you to the Pearl Royale, the world’s most outrageously expensive chess set, Designed by Australian jeweler Colin Burn.

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With just three models in existence, valued at $4 million each, the majestic set looks like it belongs behind a ridiculously secure bank vault in a heist movie. The board and pieces are intricately crafted with solid 18-karat white gold, 513 carats of diamonds, royal blue sapphires, and extremely rare South Sea pearls, so you’d almost feel guilty about putting those pricey pawns in harm’s way!

Jet Suit

Any fan of Tony Stark has no doubt fantasized about owning their very own Iron Man suit, and while the billionaire Avenger’s getup is a work of fiction, it looks like real billionaires can finally play flying heroes with some epic techy toys. Forget Stark Industries, it’s Gravity Industries laying the groundwork for billionaires to live out their superhero dreams.

In 2017, the British aerospace company unleashed the $440,000 technological masterpiece known as the Gravity Jet Suit. Featuring similar jet engines to the ones mounted on Iron Man’s arms and back, the Gravity Jet suit can generate over 300 pounds of thrust and carry a pilot for up to 10 minutes at 85 miles per hour. Plus, the helmet even shows the pilot data like fuel consumption through a Jarvis-style, augmented reality display.

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The staple of any billionaire lifestyle, stories of outlandish superyachts and their connections to the rich and famous are everywhere, but they’re not always what they’re cracked up to be. In 2011, the internet was flooded with images of a boat called the History Supreme, which was thought to be the world’s most expensive yacht.

Over 110 tons of precious metals like gold and platinum supposedly covered the 100-foot boat from bow to stern and it was reported that a Malaysian billionaire named Robert Kuok had bought the glistening ship, for a sizable chunk of his $14.5 billion fortune. The price? An unbelievable $4.8 billion.

the History Supreme superyacht

However, it seems the tale of the History Supreme superyacht was just too good to be true. In reality, no one’s ever seen the yacht docked in any ports around the world. In fact, there’s no real evidence that such a boat exists and more likely, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, the internet was fooled.

While a yacht worth almost $5 billion is just a pipedream for now, insanely expensive yachts like Roman Abramovich’s $1.5 billion Eclipse superyacht do exist, and there are more superyacht designers out there who are truly shooting for the stars with proposed billionaire builds.

Eclipse Superyacht

A short time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, the imagination of one billionaire-minded seafaring enthusiast ran wild, and thus, the Estrella Superyacht concept was born! Devised in 2020 by South Korean transport designer, Yeojin Jung, the striking vessel looks like a cross between a Y-Wing and a Naboo Royal Starship from Star Wars.

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But before you start envisioning your future billionaire self enjoying, sadly, the Estrella Superyacht is just a concept for the time being. Envisioned to be 342 feet long, the Star Wars ship for the high seas is estimated to set its future billionaire owner back a galactic $200 million.

Penthouse Playground

For most of us, the ultimate billionaire dream includes building your very own dream house with everything you’ve ever wanted inside. But when money is no object, it might be a little tricky to know when to stop or when to realize that your house has turned into a legit theme park!

The house was fitted with its very own private rollercoaster winding straight through the house, making every day a real thrill. Installed by a Dutch real estate company in 2014 to wow prospective buyers, it’s exactly the kind of thing a kid with a blank cheque and unlimited funds would build and I fully support the ridiculous concept.

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While indoor rollercoasters don’t seem to have taken off globally with any speed, waterslides are, by contrast seemingly a staple of billionaire pads. Around the world, ultra-rich real estate moguls are really splashing things to the next level with seamlessly integrated interior pools and slides.

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The Sky Penthouse comprises the highest five storeys of the 560-foot Odeon Tower in Monaco. The cherry on the cake of the private residence is the awesome waterslide leading down from a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Priced at a cool $335 million it’s pretty clear the kind of uber-wealthy clientele the property and its glorious amenities are aimed at.

If you were amazed at these incredible billionaire toys, you might want to read about expensive useless things billionaires spend their money on. Thanks for reading!

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