Most Unusual Couples Proving That Love Is Blind

Let's take a look at some of the strangest couples and weirdest weddings of all time!


Love. It can be beautiful, it can be gut-wrenching, and it can be very, very weird. From a woman who married a ghost to identical twins marrying identical twins, it’s safe to say Cupid’s arrow can strike just about anywhere.

So, grab yourself a box of chocolates and set the lights down low, because we’re about to check out some of the craziest couples that prove love truly is blind.

Twins Marry Twins

There’s no denying that identical twins often look astonishingly similar. Because of this, sometimes they’ll go out of their way to differentiate themselves from one another. However, in the case of Virginian twins Brittany and Briana Deane, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Brittany and Briana have lived their entire lives trying to be as alike as possible. They got their driving licenses together, graduated together, and wore matching outfits every day!

The two sisters are so close that for a long time they’d resent any boyfriend the other got, because the guys never understood their twin thing. Who they really wanted a relationship with was another set of identical twins – but that would be impossible, right? Wrong.


At the 2017 Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, everything changed. The festival is the largest annual gathering of twins in the world and attracts up to 30,000 sociable siblings a year.

Brittany and Briana had been attending since 2011, and at one of the festival’s welcoming events back in 2017, Brittany spotted a couple of twin brothers that she just couldn’t ignore. Grabbing Briana’s wrist, she pointed out the two dashing men.

As if they’d been struck by the same cupid's arrow, both sisters were obsessed. The sets of twins got talking, and before long the brothers, Josh and Jeremy Salyers, realized they were interested too.

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So much so that after the festival, the Salyers made the journey up to see them from Tennessee! One amazing trip and several dates later, and Josh and Jeremy knew they were going to propose. It turns out, they’d always wanted to get married to another pair of twins, just like the girls!

So, wasting no time, the Salyers brothers invited Briana and Brittany to the Twin Lakes State Park in Virginia – the same place they’d had their first joint date.

They told the sisters that a wedding venue on-site wanted to feature them all in a commercial, so they should wear matching dresses. They didn’t tell them that they’d actually be proposing to them – and getting down on one knee at exactly the same time.


If you hadn’t guessed, the delighted sisters accepted – Brittany with Josh, and Briana with Jeremy. And just a year after they met, the four of them got married in one of the craziest wedding ceremonies I’ve ever seen.

It took place at the festival where it all began, so almost everybody there were also twins. They were married by twin ministers, the brides’ dresses were held by twin trainbearers, and the bridesmaids were all twin sisters! It looks like the entire thing took place in a house of mirrors.

But this twinsane story doesn’t end there! After their special day, the four newlyweds bought a house together so they could all live under one roof. The only thing missing? Kids. But don’t worry, back in 2021 both couples completed their giant, identical family by having a baby boy each – within just three months of one another!

And as if all this wasn’t weird enough, although the kids are legally cousins, they’re genetically more like… you guessed it, twins. Or, to use the technical term, quaternary twins.

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Man Marries Rice Cooker

What do you look for in the perfect partner? For Indonesian Khoirul Anam, it’s somebody who’s fair, obedient, loving, and good at cooking. And it just so happens he found all of these qualities in one lucky person or, more precisely, one lucky rice cooker.

Yep, you read that correctly. Anam bought the machine in 2021 and became so infatuated with his purchase that he genuinely decided to tie the knot with it!


Marriage papers were signed, hands shaken, and the cooker looked truly beautiful in its bridal shawl. I mean, just look at how happy Anam is – and no wonder, he’d just had the kiss of his life!

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Sadly, this particular love story was cut short just four days after the marriage. Why? Well, Anam was sick of eating “just rice” and quickly divorced the cooker. Determined to carry on with his crusade for love though, Anam quickly found a new partner. The following partner was an utterly terrifying life-sized mannequin that can’t even cook rice.

Fortunately, it turns out Anam’s actually a small-time celebrity in Indonesia, known for pulling pranks and posting them online to his followers. Faith in humanity slightly restored.

Real-Life Vampire Couple

Love is a powerful thing. Once it latches onto you, it digs its teeth in deep and doesn’t let go. Kind of like a vampire or like Logan and Daley South, self-proclaimed king and queen of the Vampire Court of Austin, Texas.

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This creepy couple say they didn’t choose to be vampires but were born with the vampire gene. Okay, so far, so weird. But what is this vampire court?

Well, the couple say real-life vampires hold up their own set of laws and traditions, decided in democratic courts – and Logan and Daley lead the Austin branch. They claim that there are 50,000 other vampires like them in the US alone, and that vampiric communities exist in every major city across the states.


But before you rush out and buy a load of garlic and wooden stakes, the vampires that Logan and Daley associate with aren’t the kind that go around nibbling on people's necks. They’re much too civilized for that! Instead, they use alternative methods to get their fix.

Back in 2019, Logan and Daley would get their intake by pricking the finger of their “donor girlfriend”, Ilona, with a lancet; the same device diabetics use. Well, that’s slightly more hygienic than using fangs.


Unlike the vampires in horror films, Logan and Daley operate on a strictly consensual basis, only feeding on willing volunteers. So, if you fancy becoming a living battery, give them a buzz!

Little and Large

Let’s be real, everybody loves a bit of drama. But if Kim and Kanye’s relationship wasn’t wild enough for you, then you might want to know about their African equivalent – Grand P and Eudoxie Yao.

Grand P, a Guinean rapper and business tycoon, suffers from progeria – a rare disorder that stunts a person’s growth and leads to rapid aging. Because of this, despite being almost 30, the rapper stands at just 4-foot-3 – about the same height as his partner’s bountiful behind!

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Eudoxie doesn’t care though, and the social-media-influencer-come-musician has fiercely batted off criticism that the pair are only together for the publicity. As well as fighting off their critics, the unconventional couple also aspire to fight their way up the political ladder.

Grand P has run for the Guinea presidency before, and though he wasn’t successful that time, he’s determined to run as many times as it takes.


Eudoxie, meanwhile, has announced her full intent to be his First Lady. Which, if they’re successful, would be a good addition to her résumé, right next to her claim of having the “biggest booty in West Africa”.

Unfortunately, the couple split up in 2021 so we won't be seeing Eudoxie as the First Lady anytime soon.

Model Marries Her Dog

Finding love can be hard. But for 49-year-old British model Elizabeth Hoad, it seemed genuinely impossible. After four failed engagements and 221 bad dates, Elizabeth was all but ready to give up.

And give up she did – but only on humans. Dogs, on the other hand? Well, that’s a different story! In 2018, Elizabeth adopted a golden retriever called Logan Humphrey, and says the close bond they developed together healed her in a way she’d never expected.


As such, there was only one thing for it – to marry him, on live TV. Following an interview on British chat-show This Morning, Elizabeth was walked down the aisle by television presenter Eamonn Holmes.

Once there, she took her position in front of her beloved Logan, and the ceremony was officiated by another presenter. Elizabeth said her vows, and Logan, well, I’m sure he would’ve done, had he been able to speak English.

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The dog even got his own special wedding bracelet in place of a ring! And a kiss to seal the deal, of course. The marriage wasn’t legally recognized, but for Elizabeth and Logan that really doesn’t matter – they’re as happy as a dog with two tails!

Indian Man Tries To Marry A Cobra

If you thought marrying your dog was kooky, strap yourselves in, because things are about to get a whole lot freakier. Back in 2015, 27-year-old Indian Sandeep Patel became convinced that he’d found the love of his life. Only, it turns out, the love of his life was a cobra.


Sandeep believed he was an “Ichchadhari Naag” – a mythical shapeshifting cobra in Indian folklore, capable of taking human form and living far longer than an ordinary person.

Sandeep said he would go into a deep trance at night, become a snake, and slither off to spend quality time with his serpentine love.


So sure was Sandeep of his unique romance that he proposed to the snake, and even managed to persuade his family to help prepare the wedding! They handed out flyers advertising the event, and within two weeks about 15,000 eager guests had all committed to attend.

The big day came, and in a temple in the remote village of Badwapur, the ceremony began. Snake and man faced each other as a Hindu priest started the sermons.


However, halfway through the proceedings, all hell broke loose! Suddenly, just as Sandeep was set to wed his cobra bride, police burst through the temple doors!

The priest immediately bolted from the scene, and within seconds both Sandeep and his father were subdued and arrested. Angry that their show had been ruined, the thousands of guests all started to riot – and it took a whole six hours for police to disperse them.


It transpires that Sandeep isn’t actually a shapeshifting snake, but unfortunately suffers with mental difficulties. He’d been treated in a psychiatric institution some time before and so was on the authorities’ watch list.

Thus, when they heard about the wedding, they were quick to act. Luckily for Sandeep, it wasn’t long before he was released from custody and sent to a relative’s house.

Fecal Matter

Chances are, if you saw these two walking towards you on a dark night, you’d be more than a little worried. However, you shouldn’t be – they might look like aliens or demons, but Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran are actually highly talented fashion designers!

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The couple first met at their design school in Montreal in 2014, though they looked very different at the time. After talking, they realized they shared the same concerns, insecurities, and views on fashion.

Hannah used to love dressing in all the latest brands, but after reading up on child labor and worker abuse in the modern fashion industry, she’d become disillusioned with it. Steven had too. Both also felt oppressed, albeit in different ways.

Hannah felt like her identity was stifled by restrictive clothes that society compelled her to wear; Steven is non-binary and had suffered from racism and discrimination his whole life. So, in an act of defiance, Hannah gave away her old clothes, shaved her head, and swapped out dresses for something altogether more unique. Steven did the same.

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Then, in 2016, they started their own, alternative clothing brand. The aim? To reject conventional ideas of beauty and oppose what they see as a corrupt, fake mainstream fashion industry.

The pair called their brand “Fecal Matter”, to reflect their views on the industry at large – because apparently “poop” didn’t have quite the same ring to it. Today, Fecal Matter goes from strength to strength, and its success is symbolic of the durability of Hannah and Steven’s relationship. How heart-warming!

She Dated The Statue Of Liberty

We all get attached to objects that hold meaning for us. You might have had a Toy Story doll that you slept with for longer than you care to admit.

However, Amanda Liberty from Leeds in the UK has taken this to a whole new level. Amanda identifies as an “objectum sexual”, meaning she’s romantically attracted to inanimate objects.


She first awoke to these feelings at the age of 13, when her parents bought her a drum kit. Maybe it had a banging body? Whatever it was, Amanda soon moved onto bigger things. And I mean big, like, the Statue of Liberty big.

She became infatuated with the giant statue and made a total of six trips all the way over to New York to see her copper love. Most teenagers have their favorite bands plastered over their walls – but not Amanda!

The lovestruck girl covered her whole house head to toe in Statue of Liberty memorabilia, and even went as far as to change her surname to Liberty in 2010! Sadly, the long distance took its toll on the relationship, and Amanda had to cut ties with the affectionately nicknamed “Libby”.


Now approaching 40, she’s turned her attention to something more feasible… chandeliers – and is planning to marry her favorite – an antique light fixture called Lumiere – in the near future. I guess it was love at first light!

Twins Who Share Same Boyfriend

We’ve already discussed one crazy twin relationship, but if that wasn’t unusual enough for you, let me introduce you to Anna and Lucy Decinque.

Calling themselves the “world’s most identical twins” this pair of Australian sisters do everything together – to the point they want to be considered the same person. They dress in the same clothes, shower together, eat the exact same food.

The sisters have spent a whopping 150,000 Australian dollars on matching surgery and treatments – that’s over 100,000 US dollars! They even sleep together with their partner, Ben! That’s right, the Decinques are so close that they even have the same partner.


Imagine finally meeting the woman of your dreams, then finding out there’s two of them. I’m not sure if it’d be heaven or hell!

Ben, however, is having the time of his life. The lucky lad proposed to the twins with matching engagement rings stacked with three bands, symbolizing their special triadic relationship.


And now Anna and Lucy both want to get pregnant – you guessed it – at the same time. Well, the logistics of that should be interesting but I have a feeling Ben’s not complaining.

She Married A Pirate's Ghost

When you’re messaging your crush, being ghosted is one of the worst feelings. But for Amanda Large Teague, from Belfast, Ireland, it felt amazing. That’s because she fell in love with a literal ghost.

One day back in 2014, Amanda was meditating at home when she felt a strange presence in the room with her. Annoyed at the rude interruption, she told it to leave her alone. And, though it left at first, it wasn’t long before the presence returned.

Losing her patience, Amanda resigned herself to speak with it and found out it was actually the ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian pirate called Jack Teague – the same pirate Captain Jack Sparrow was supposedly based on!


After a few months, Amanda and Jack’s relationship had blossomed, and they started dating – she literally became his boo!

Later, in July 2016, Amanda decided to tie the knot with Jack on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean. Without a physical body to wed though, Amanda instead brought along a painting of Captain Jack Sparrow. I guess that meant more cake for her!


As the relationship went on however, Amanda began to notice things going wrong. She grew increasingly ill and, following a near-fatal bout of sepsis in 2018, had the horrifying realization that Jack was behind it. Her once loving spirit-spouse had turned against her!

Apparently, he’d become an “energy vampire”, and was sucking the life force from Amanda in an attempt to possess her and live again. That’s a pretty big red flag if I ever saw one.


With nowhere else to turn, Amanda desperately enlisted the help of a priest and had an exorcism to expel the malicious spirit from her body. Thankfully, everything went according to plan, and it was a whole lot cheaper than getting a divorce. The lesson here? Whatever you do, don’t fall in love with a 300-year-old ghost pirate energy-vampire.

Just A Number?

I remember back in high school if an 11th grader went out with a 10th grader it was the talk of the town. So, can you imagine what it would’ve been like if an 11th grader went out with a 112-year-old man?

Well, believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened back in 2009 in Guriceel, Somalia. Ahmed Muhamad Dore was born in 1897 – so long ago that his birth certificate was made from goatskin.

112 years later, and Ahmed had been a very busy boy – with an exhausting 114 children and grandchildren through various wives. But that wasn’t enough for the insatiable Somalian, who set his eyes upon 17-year-old Safia Abdulleh. Despite the colossal 95-year age gap, the unlikely pair got married in 2009, and, apparently, were both very happy in their matrimony.


So in Somalia, weddings of couples with big age gaps are relatively common – but this was weird even by Somalia’s standards. In fact, it was the first of its kind in over a century! And, hopefully the last of its kind too.

Married To A Doll

Relationships can be messy, complicated things – just like humans. The solution? Get involved with a fake human instead – or at least, that’s what Xie Tianrong believes, a 37-year-old man living with his parents in Hong Kong. Well, his parents and one other occupant, a life-size silicone doll named Mochi.


Xie first discovered his feelings for dolls when he spotted one in a store in 2011, but he didn’t have the cash to buy it. Fast-forward to 2019, and Xie couldn’t believe his luck when he found the perfect doll online for an absolute bargain.

He ordered it immediately. Now, Xie and Mochi are practically inseparable. The infatuated Hongkonger sits Mochi in a chair by his bed every day and gives her a pampered pedicure.

But he doesn’t show his love for the mannequin through footcare routine alone. He also takes her out for extravagant meals, plays games with her, and lavishes her with expensive clothing and gifts!


The lucky lady now owns more than 20 different outfits, 10 pairs of shoes, and – most bafflingly of all: a brand new iPhone. Damn, when a doll has a better phone than you, it’s time to re-evaluate your life.

For Xie, it all makes perfect sense – Mochi will never be unsatisfied with any of her gifts, and she’s apparently a better listener than his past girlfriends. I can’t imagine she adds much to the conversation, but who am I to judge?

In fact, Xie is so head-over-heels for his mannequin queen that he got married to her back in August 2021 – and they’ve even had a baby together! Well, bought a baby doll together. At least when they go out, they don’t have to hire a babysitter!

The Darger Family

You can never have too much of a good thing, right? That’s certainly the motto Joe Darger from Utah lives by. Joe isn’t married to one girl – he’s not even married to two, no, Joe’s tied the knot with three different women.

And are you ready for the craziest part? They’re all related. That’s right – twin sisters Vicki and Valerie are both in love with the same man their cousin Alina is.


The family are fundamentalist Mormons, and as such are believers in plural marriage – that is, marriage involving multiple partners. Joe started dating Vicki and Alina first, back when they were still teenagers.

In 1990 the trio held a Mormon marriage ceremony together. However, because the state of Utah doesn’t lawfully recognize polygamous marriage, the following day Joe married Alina again legally.

Vicki acted as a witness and remains equally committed to Joe. The threesome carried on like this for some time until, a few years later, Vicki suggested that Joe marry her twin sister, too, who’d just come out of a divorce.


Joe was pretty weirded out by the thought of being in a relationship with twins at first – not that he found dating cousins odd. In the end, however, he buckled, and in 2010 married Valerie as well.

Now, they all live together under one roof – with their 25 children. Looks like Joe’s been very busy indeed. Vicki, Valerie, and Alina all have separate bedrooms, and their husband alternates which bed he sleeps in every night. Does this bother any of the women? Of course not! Though I don’t think I’d want to be any of the kids in the bedrooms nearby.

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