Extreme Stories Of Revenge That Went Too Far - Part 3

Why get even, when you can get revenge? Here are more stories that are so vengeful, it'll make you wonder if they went too far!


Nothing feels as good as getting even! Well, except for getting revenge that totally ruins the person that wronged you! But as satisfying as tales of one-upmanship can be, there are some stories out there that go too far. From a plan that took 20 years to play out, to a bully who got a literal buttload of karma, here are some extreme stories of revenge that took it way too far.

Food Thief Revenge

There is nothing more annoying than going to get that food you were saving, only to find someone else has eaten it. That is an occupational hazard of being a student in shared accommodation, as reddit user, TheManWith2Poobrains discovered.

A first year university microbiology student in England, he was living with several other students, all boys, who shared one kitchen. Inevitably, Poobrain’s food would often go missing, but no one admitted to stealing it.

One day, his entire class were in the labs experimenting with a low risk orthopoxviral; a genus of virus that causes skin lesions in mammals. Not exactly harmless, but harmless enough that they let first year students handle it!

It was then that he noticed that one of his lab partners had fumbled their sample, and they soon developed a pretty painful blister on their lip. A light bulb went off in Poobrain’s head, and he hastily snuck a sample of the virus away.

Sneaking an Orthopoxvirus Virus Sample

Later that evening, he smeared the sample over a block of cheese he had bought, wrapped it up tight to prevent any cross contamination with other food, and left it in the refrigerator. Sure enough, the next day, someone had snacked on the cheese.

The day after that, two of Poobrain’s housemates were sporting nasty looking blisters all over their mouths. They were so bad they wouldn’t go outside, until the lesions eventually went away a few weeks later! After that, Poobrain’s food never went missing again.

Two People Infected by Orthopoxvirus

Bully Backfire

Were you ever bullied at school? I don't know what you have experienced, but you would definitely be shocked by what reddit user SCP_682’s friend Marco went through. Marco was a small, skinny kid. He was a little geeky but was generally pretty happy. Until a much bigger kid that we’ll call Polo started to pick on him. And they weren't harmless pranks.

Marco started turning up to class with black eyes! His backpack was ripped, his food had been stolen, and his stuff was all but destroyed. Polo’s parents were well connected to the school, so when Marco reported it, he was accused of lying and suspended!

His suspension was only lifted when a video taken on a smartphone emerged showing Polo ripping apart Marcos’s bag and throwing it in the trash, but despite that, Polo faced no consequences whatsoever.

So, when Marco eventually returned to school, he decided he wasn’t going to take that anymore. He turned up one day with a huge bag of gummy bears, hoping to share them with his friends. As expected, Polo ripped the bag away from Marco, stealing the sweets and demolishing them, one fistful after another.

Bully Snatching Gummy Bears from Marco

Marco began to cry, which only fueled Polo to eat more of them, which is exactly what Marco wanted. He wasn’t actually crying; he was faking it! During his suspension, Marco had learned that the bully had a bowel condition that made him intolerant to sugar substitutes. And those weren’t normal gummy bears. They were sugar free gummy bears.

Marco had set a trap! Throughout the day, Polo continued to gorge himself on the stolen sweets, until, all of a sudden, he bolted out of class and made a mad dash for the bathroom, with a suspicious brown stain trailing down his pants!

Bully Suffering Bowl Problem

No one saw Polo for a few days after that, with rumors flying around that after Polo’s visit, the bathroom looked like something had exploded in it! When he did return, he looked awful. His face was bruised, he was wearing an eyepatch, the other eye was bloodshot!

Apparently, he’d strained so hard while battling against the explosive effects of the sugar free bears, he left himself partially blind in one eye! After that, he left Marco well alone. Those gummy bears may have been sugar free, but that story was sweeter than honey!

Teaching A Lesson

A kid being bullied by another kid is one thing, but a kid being bullied by a teacher is a whole other level of wrong. Sadly though, that’s what happened to reddit user Safe_Ad5951 back when he was barely 6 years old. Safe had just started first grade, but his teacher, Mrs. Hagner, took an instant disliking to him.

Despite being a child, she doled out incredibly harsh punishments to Safe and a friend of his. She called them derogatory names, forbade the other kids from playing with them, and even forced Safe to stand in the garbage while all the other kids poured their left over lunches on him!

Safe Getting Bullied by Teacher

When he came home that day, with his ruined shoes soaked in garbage juice, his mom asked what had happened, and he told her about Mrs. Hagner’s punishments. Shocked, she rang up his friend’s parents, who’d been told the same thing. It was a pattern of behavior, with Mrs Hagnar apparently targeting kids that weren’t rich or white.

Disgustingly, the school was unwilling to take any action, so without wasting a moment, Safe’s mom enrolled him in another school, where he suddenly began thriving. And while Safe was living up to his potential, so was his mom. Over the next three years, she got a degree in education, then got a job as a teacher, all while raising Safe and his siblings.

Then she got her master’s degree and became a leading educator in the district. She was beloved by the community, and very well respected. About 30 years later, Safe realized the awful old school had shut down a few years after he’d left. Dredging up memories, he offhandedly asked his mom if she remembered Mrs. Hagner. And that’s when his mom dropped a bombshell.

She calmly said that yes, she did remember. She’d also spent the last 25 years informing every single school administration in the state what a vile human Mrs. Hagner was! She’d given them detailed accounts of her behavior, and so every time she’d applied for a job teaching in any school in his mom’s district, they’d turned her down flat.

Mother's revenge for her son

His mom had risen up the ranks of education purely to ruin that one woman’s career in revenge for what she’d done to Safe! And as far as she knew, Mrs. Hagner never saw the inside of a classroom ever again.

RuneScape Revenge

Have you ever been cheated on? Luckily, stories of other people getting revenge on their cheating partners is a real tonic for heartbreak! Like the next story from reddit user osrsb****19, who we’ll be calling Laura.

Laura was an avid player of the online game RuneScape, and through playing the game she met her long distance boyfriend, who we’ll call Douche. As they began to get older, Laura got a job, moved out, became independent and in short, grew up. Douche, on the other hand, didn’t.

He relied on Laura to send him money to pay his rent, throwing tantrums when Laura couldn’t afford to support him. He refused to even look for a job, despite Laura offering to help. And then, Douche had the audacity to claim Laura just wasn’t working hard enough and should get a second job so that he could just keep playing RuneScape!

Douche being douche

Despite all that, Laura loved him and wanted to help him. She leant Douche money to fly him out to see her, but while he was visiting, she saw a message pop up on his phone. It said: “When are you gonna leave her?”. Thinking she might be missing some precious context, she waited until he was asleep, and went through his phone.

Sure enough, Douche had been cheating on her: messaging and flirting with another girl, promising to leave Laura, making fun of Laura behind her back, and even sending her Laura’s spicy pics so they could pick apart and laugh at her! She had never felt so used or vengeful.

For the rest of his trip, she pretended like she’d seen nothing, and continued being as lovely and affectionate as ever. After she’d dropped him off at the airport, though, she went back home, sat at her computer, and immediately logged into RuneScape. But not into her account, into his!

He’d left himself logged in, allowing her unprecedented access to his precious 14 year old account. Within the hour, she destroyed and sold everything he’d earned, using all of his in game currency to buy useless items that could be bought, but not used or sold. Within minutes, his virtual legacy consisting of more than 8 billion in game coins was now worthless!

But she wasn’t done there. She then contacted all of his in game friends and told them of his cheating antics, then changed his username to something incredibly embarrassing, and logged off. A few hours later, her phone was blowing up. Douche was hysterical, calling her every name under the sun and sending photos of himself crying!

Douche was cursing and crying

Laura calmly explained that he would never contact her again, or she’d be pressing criminal charges for sharing her spicy pictures without her consent. Apparently, he shut up quickly after that! Well, digital cheating deserves digital consequences.

Phone Bill Revenge

Phone bills are the worst! But back in the 80’s, they were much worse. The cost of processing a call was much higher, which one savvy lady used to her advantage around 1987.

According to a report from Hollywood at the time, a man living in the area with his live in girlfriend was about to jet off on a business trip for a few weeks. He planned to break up with her, but instead of letting her down gently and acting like an adult, he cruelly told her that by the time he came back, he expected her to be packed up and gone.

The guy broke up with his girlfriend

She was, understandably, upset. So upset, that she decided to get back at him, not by breaking his heart, but by breaking his wallet. Well, fast forward a few weeks, and our man returns from his trip. His place is spotlessly clean, and there’s no sign of his ex. His mean little plan had worked! The only thing out of place was the phone, which had been left off the hook.

He heard a strange babbling noise and assumed there was a connection issue, so he hung it back on the receiver and thought nothing of it. That was, until his phone bill arrived. He usually paid about $20 a month, about $50 in today’s money. But the numbers on that bill stated he owed an astronomical $8,000, a little over $21,000 today!

The boyfriend fainted after seeing the phone bill

It turned out that just before his ex had left for good, she made a long distance call to Japan’s speaking clock, an automated service that provided the time over the phone. Being a long distance call, it cost extra, and being automated, the caller on the other end didn’t hang up! Costing about 50 cents per minute, that guy’s phone had been calling Japan nonstop for about 266 hours or 11 days! That’s definitely one way to make your ex pay.

Pilot's Ex-Girlfriend Grass Seed Revenge

Back in the 1980’s, The Complete Book of Outrageous and Atrocious Practical Jokes came up with a wonderfully harmless prank: Lay down a plastic sheet in a room, add an inch of topsoil, cover in grass seeds, turn up the heat and voila! In a few days, the prank-ee will be faced with an indoor lawn. The plastic sheet would make it easy to remove, and there’d be no real harm done.

However, one woman in the UK, who we’ll call Jenny, decided to put a malicious spin on that petty prank. Back in the 1980’s, Jenny had a boyfriend called Carl. Carl was an airline pilot, who would sometimes spend several weeks away from home on long haul flights. Or at least, that’s what he told Jenny.

Because one day, Jenny dropped by Carl’s house when he was supposedly on one of those flights and saw Carl through the window making out with a stewardess! Distraught and humiliated, Jenny silently went home. But as she did, she began to think of ways to get back at him.

Jenny wanted revenge against her boyfriend

For the next few weeks, she pretended like nothing was wrong: meeting up with Carl, being affectionate, and acting like a loving girlfriend. However, when he next told her he’d be away for a few weeks on business, she began her revenge plan. She told him she’d need to drop by his apartment a few times to collect some stuff, though she wasn’t sure when.

Unable to pin her movements down, if Carl wanted to meet up with his mistress, he wouldn’t be able to use his apartment in case Jenny walked in on them! So, the place would be fully vacated, exactly what Jenny needed.

When he left that evening, Jenny got to work. Using a watering can, she soaked all of the soft furnishings in his apartment: his couch, his bed, his carpet, even his toilet paper! She then turned his heating on, so it was nice and warm, opened all the curtains so there was plenty of sunlight, and spread packet after packet of cress seeds all over the place!

She dropped by a few days later, and to her delight, most of the seeds were germinating! By the time Carl got back from wherever he’d really been, he was confronted by thousands of cress plants that had their roots woven into his furnishings, ruining everything they touched. After that, Jenny never saw him again

Cheating boyfriend get a cress plant filled apartment

Bully Revenge

Were you an awkward kid growing up? Well our next reddit user Seneca_13, was a little more awkward than most. He didn’t have any friends and was bullied by a classmate called Derek.

One day, Derek started acting nice to him, coincidentally, it was the same day Seneca had brought his brand new action figure to school. Derek spent the whole day buttering Seneca up, being nice to him, and making poor, naïve Seneca believe that he was his friend.

Then he asked Seneca if he could borrow the new toy, and Seneca happily agreed. The next day though, Derek ignored him. And when he asked for his toy back, Derek said “you never gave it to me, Loser. You must have imagined it”.

Derek Refused to Give Seneca's Action Figure

He then started spreading vicious lies about Seneca to get him to buzz off, ostracizing him from the rest of the school. The event stuck with Seneca as he grew up, but eventually he found his feet, gained some good friends, and became a successful plumber and electrician.

Some 20 years after the incident, one morning at 2am, he received an emergency call out to a flooded house. Surprisingly, it was Derek’s house. Seneca kept calm, said hello and introduced himself! He acted as if the stuff in school had never happened, reassured Derek that he was in good hands, and gave him an idea of what that would cost to fix, a few hundred dollars, tops.

Derek seemed happy, but it was Seneca who was delighted. Because as he was assessing the damage, he noticed a lot of work on the property that didn’t comply with city regulations. It had clearly led to the leak, which must have been going on for weeks, and would ring up a huge water bill if a registered plumber didn’t sign it off as an accident.

He began photographing and documenting everything, before calling a friend of his at the city council to get down there asap and look at the mess that bozo had built. His friend arrived, and after looking around, Derek was slapped with an order to tear down the majority of his house, as it contained unsanctioned additions, extensions and plumbing.

Derek was slapped with a huge water bill

Derek was furious, but there was nothing he could do. Seneca and his friend left, but not before Seneca also left Derek and invoice for the callout, just to rub salt in the wound. A few weeks later, Derek calls Seneca and asks to talk face to face. They meet up, and Derek, suspiciously, puts his phone face down on the table.

Seneca realized Derek might be trying to record their conversation, so he kept his calm. That’s when Derek showed him the water bill, it was close to $80,000. On top of all the re-building he needed to do, that would bankrupt him. He begged Seneca to sign the certificate confirming it was an accident, but Seneca declined.

Seneca declined signing the certificate

Angry, he began to berate Seneca, admitting that he knew how he treated him when they were kids was wrong, that he was sorry, but Seneca had only quoted him a few hundred bucks for the repairs. Why would he lie about that? Seneca simply replied “I said no such thing, Loser. You must have imagined that.” And then he left. For a revenge that iconic, they should make a Seneca action figure!

Kidney Revenge

There are a lot of bad dads out there; they don’t care, they don’t make effort, or worse, they’re cruel. But few compared to the cockroach that reddit user Laila_Anis had to call "dad".

When Laila was born, her father abandoned her and her mother. He drained her mother’s bank accounts, but despite that, her mom never said a bad word against him. He never paid child support, barely sent birthday cards, and only visited her once or twice a year.

When her mom remarried though, he straight up claimed Laila was no longer his responsibility, she was her new stepdad’s problem now and cut off all communication with her. He didn’t attend her graduation, her wedding, or even respond to invitations to meet her son.

In all that time, Laila had received just one email from him, where all he did was lambast her mother for her looks, criticizing everything about her! When Laila defended her mother, he called Laila a waste, and stopped responding. That was the moment Laila truly realized what a scumbag he was. She went on with her life when one day, out of the blue, she got an email from him.

You might be thinking if it was it to reconnect, to apologize or to meet her new family. But, no. He needed something else. A kidney! It turned out he was diabetic, and his kidneys were failing. He was on the donor list, but finding a match could take years time and he didn’t have time.

So, he figured a blood relative of his might be a match and give him one, which was the only reason he’d contacted Laila. Enraged at his audacity, Laila read and re-read the email, and then began plotting. She wrote back, agreeing to meet up and do the test to see if she was a match to him.

Laila agreed to test if she was a match

They went to the hospital together and confirmed that she was indeed a match! Her birth father was overjoyed. Over several weeks, Laila then began all the intensive therapy and prep work needed for a donation, taking every step very seriously. Then, on the day of the surgery, she turned up to the hospital and met her father.

But just before they went in, she told him she wasn’t going through with it. Confused, her birth father began breaking down, begging to know why? What was wrong? Why couldn’t he have her kidney? With a grin a mile wide, she told him he was not her father and, using his own words, that he was a waste. With that she walked off, and never saw him again.

Laila called her father a waste

If you were amazed at these stories of nuclear revenge, you might want to read part 1 and part 2. Thanks for reading!

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