Revolutionary Everyday Products You'll Be Amazed By

Here are some revolutionary everyday products that make life a little easier!


When you shop online, you scroll through millions of products claiming to be able to solve oddly specific everyday problems. But while most of them look weirdly unnecessary, occasionally you find something so cool, you don’t understand how you’ve lived your entire life without it!

From portable laser keyboards to coffee making alarm clocks, let’s take a look at some everyday products that’ll change the way you do things forever.


I’m really clumsy and just can’t carry a hot drink without spilling it all over myself! So, when I saw people on TikTok using the SpillNot to not only carry drinks, but to whip them round without spilling a drop, I just had to buy one to test it out myself.

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I filled up a mug of tea, put it on the SpillNot and it worked! No matter how hard I spun it, the tea stayed in the mug! I ran up and down the stairs with it, no spills! I even went out into the yard and flung it over my head and nothing!

How does it work? Well, keeping a vessel rigidly upright with liquid in it means the inertia of the liquid makes it slosh whenever it’s moved. But on the SpillNot, the rubber traction mat keeps the mug on the carrier while the whole device, not just the vessel, swivels. This means the sloshing is almost always parallel to the base of the carrier, preventing any spills!


Toothpaste Dispenser

There’s a special circle of hell for people who leave the lid off the toothpaste. But with the Ecoco toothpaste dispenser, that’s soon to be a pet peeve of the past.

You simply insert your tube of toothpaste into the top, stand the unit up or attach it to a wall, and then press your toothbrush into the cavity.

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This motion compresses the tube, squeezing out the perfect amount onto the brush! Because the tube is kept upright, the product generally sinks down, so even with very little left in the tube it still works! You may think this is lazy, but imagine how this could help people with mobility issues, or those that struggle with fine motor control!

Egg Separator

Don’t you hate it when you’re following a recipe and it asks you to separate an egg? No matter how careful we are, we always end up with yolk in our whites. Fortunately, there’s an adorable product to solve this problem: a chick shaped egg separator!

All you have to do is crack the egg into the top and pour it out through the beak. The whites are strained out of the small opening, while the yolk is too big to fit through, leaving you with a perfectly separated egg.

egg separator

Staple Free Stapler

Is there anything more annoying than going to staple something, only to find there are no staples left in the stapler? Or worse, it’s jammed? That’s where Plus’s staple free stapler comes into play.

Ingeniously, as it punches a hole through the paper, it bends the paper making up the hole back, using the pressure you apply to the device to twist and hold the punched paper together.

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This creates a staple out of the paper itself! It can work with up to 10 sheets of paper, and all without a single staple meaning it’s great for the environment too!

SwitchBot Mechanical Finger

You know when it’s 3am and you have to turn off all the lights downstairs? Yeah, you’re not the only one who hits the light switch and then sprints like Usain Bolt upstairs so that Satan himself doesn’t get you.

There’s literally nothing more terrifying. Thankfully, there’s a simple gadget that can save you from this fate. SwitchBot, a mechanical finger that can be adhered to a rocker light switch and controlled through a really simple app.

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With one tap on your phone, the SwitchBot turns the switch off for you, and with the attachment feature it works in reverse, pulling the switch on when you need it! It can also be used on different devices like desktops, coffee machines, and even keyboards. Working from home is about to get a whole lot easier.

Virtual Laser Keyboard

If you work on the go a lot, using the tiny keyboard on your phone to write notes or emails can get really frustrating. But this is a game changer: a virtual laser keyboard!

All you have to do is connect it to a device via Bluetooth, then put the tiny projector on a flat surface, and voilà! The laser’s tracking beam picks up any movement made within its parameters, translating specific gestures you make into real keystrokes.

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And because it’s virtual, you can change the keyboard’s settings to project different key configurations for different languages. It even converts into a piano layout if you want to get musical on the fly! As if that wasn’t enough, it also doubles up as a portable charger.

Wristband Hand Sanitizer

Thanks to the Covid pandemic that’s plagued the world for the last few years, many carry a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer at all times. But most people are prone to forgetting it and often end up losing it. Luckily, the Squeezyband is here!

These super sleek wristbands are designed to hold 15 milliliters of sanitizer, which can be quickly and easily pumped out onto your hands without the need to reach for a bottle. An attached stopper prevents any leakages, and it can be easily refilled whenever you run out!

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Mug Warmer

There’s nothing worse than taking a swig of your hot beverage, only to find it’s gone cold! Well, for all the cold coffee and tepid tea haters out there, the Vobaga mug warmer might be the perfect product for you.

With the touch of a button, the device’s heat element warms up, and any beverage placed on top is warmed to either a high, medium, or low heat, depending on how you like it. The metal plate is waterproof, and the device shuts off automatically after 4 hours in case you forget to turn it off yourself!

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Coffee Alarm Clock

If you are not a morning person, you might find it hard to get out of bed, abuse the snooze button, and you're probably useless until you’ve had your first cup of coffee. That said, Joy Resolve’s Barisieur alarm clock might become our morning savior.

This alarm clock also doubles up as a perfect coffee making station, which automatically starts brewing you a delicious cup of your favorite morning beverage five minutes before the alarm itself goes off.

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You simply fill up all the ingredients you need the night before, set your alarm, and in the morning, you wake up to a freshly made cup of coffee to help encourage you out of bed.

Alarm Clock with a Mind?

But on days that not even a good cup of coffee can get you out of bed, maybe Clocky will! Clocky is an alarm clock with a mind of its own. When it loudly goes off, you’re allowed to hit the snooze button once.

But if you try to abuse the snooze again, this little terror rolls off the bedside table and wheels itself away from you in any direction it can! You have no choice but to get out of bed to find it and turn it off!

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The rubber wheels and shockproof design means that Clocky’s incredibly durable and can survive jumps from up to 3 ft high! But the longer you take to get out of bed, the more annoying it gets and the harder it becomes to find! It's definitely not as pleasant as a nice quiet cup of coffee!

Prism Glasses for Reading

Reading in bed can really cramp your neck, you want to lay down but holding the book above your face tires out your arms. Instead of buying a robot butler to hold up the book for you, you can buy an inexpensive pair of prism glasses!

Prism glasses have a mirror inserted into the lens of each eye, which allows you to see things that are 90° to your face. This means, lying down in the glasses, you can see straight down your body without needing to crane your neck! Perfect for reading in bed!


Rainbow Bath Bomb

A hot bath helps you feel clean after a long day and you can brighten up your bath time with a Rainbow Bath Bomb! Regular bath bombs are effervescent, meaning their components react with water, fizzing and dispersing over several minutes.

While most bath bombs are just lumps of one colored component, these rainbow bath bombs have multi-colored components hidden within them! So as the large white coating gradually breaks down, the rainbow set of colors beneath starts to fizz, leaving a rainbow trail behind them as they propel around the bath!

Revolutionary Everyday Products You'll Be Amazed By

And they don’t just look good! Once dissolved, bath bombs release citric acid which helps loosen damaged layers of skin, leaving you feeling fabulously smooth.

Rainbow Beeswax Candle

This is the Spiral Melt, a beeswax candle with a twist, literally! The patented design has a wick built into several colorful layers that spiral around a hollow middle section.

Once lit, the wax melts into the middle in a rainbow pattern, forming a separate second candle at the base! When the outer wick is burned up, you can light the wicks in the middle so that no wax is wasted.

spiralmelt candle

Heat Sealer

If you hate wasting food, reaching into a pack of previously opened chips to find they’re all soft and crunch-less breaks your heart. Even if you use a clip to close the bag, sometimes air still gets in and ruins them!

But you are not destined to eat soft chips forever, because mini heat sealers exist! When the bar is pressed closed, the battery-operated heated sealing wires are triggered, heating up a silicone seal pad at the tip of the clip to around 250°F.

heat sealer

This contained heat source is hot enough to melt thin layers of plastic, so as you run it along the open edges of a snack packet, it fuses them together and seals it shut! No more stale snacks for you!

Ice Ball Press

There’s nothing like an ice-cold drink on a hot day to cool you down. But did you know small cubes melt faster than big cubes? They have more surface area in contact with the beverage, meaning they lose their cool much quicker.

So, you need big ice cubes if you want your drink to stay cooler for longer! Or better yet, you need spherical ice cubes for that extra touch of sophistication, which you can get from the Cirrus ice ball press.

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All you need to do is place a block of ice over the bottom of the mold and then slide the top section of the mold onto the two stilts. These gently heated metal blocks then press down on the ice, gradually melting the excess away, shaping it into a perfect orb in a matter of minutes!

Once complete, you simply lift the top off and drop your newly formed ice ball into your drink for some super satisfying refreshment.

Ice Shot Frozen Molds

If you enjoy a shot as much as a well-chilled whisky, you might hate warm shots. Serving tepid liquor should be a crime! But the solution is available online: freeze-able shot molds! So, you can effectively chill the shot in an ice cube before drinking it, with no glasses to clean up afterwards!

Obviously, I bought this to test it out. I filled the molds with water, froze them, and then cracked them open. This part was a little bit difficult because the ice is so thick, but that also means they don’t break easily. Out of the mold, I can confirm they’re each the perfect size for a super chilled shot.

ice shot molds

Bubble Gun

I love a fun gadget, and I love bubbles. Which is why this battery powered bubble gatling gun feels like it was made just for me! Honestly, the second I saw this thing online, I was frantically typing in my credit card details.

After loading up the batteries and pouring out the liquid into the specially shaped tub, I dipped the tip of the gun in, and pulled the trigger. The fan inside blows at just the right speed to produce a stream of brilliant bubbles! Insanely satisfying!

gatling bubble gun

I honestly wasn’t expecting it to create so many bubbles, but I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. Finally, I get to live out my dream of being Neo in the Matrix saving Morpheus just with bubbles instead of bullets!

Mini Water Filter

If, for whatever reason, I ended up lost in the wilderness, I’d be completely useless. I can hardly handle camping, let alone surviving off my wits! However, there’s a product that’s been designed for wildlife incompatible people like me: The Life Straw.

This tiny, personal water filter contains a micromembrane microfilter that’s capable of sifting 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, and microplastics out of any water. This means you can use it to drink straight from rivers and streams without catching anything deadly from them!


With the LifeStraw, avid campers don’t have to worry about finding a safe water source, and hikers and backpackers can swap out their heavy water supplies for one lightweight tube! Plus, the long-lasting filter can handle roughly 1000 gallons of water; that’s more than an average person drinks in 5 years!

Lightsaber Chopsticks

The following product is life changing and everyone on earth should own a pair: Lightsaber Chopsticks. I fully admit that these are more of a novelty than a must-have, but the allure of eating with two tiny lightsabers was too much for me to ignore, so I bought some.

They came with batteries already included, so all there was left to do was hit the buttons. They’re just small, LED lights set into two clear plastic cylinders, but they made eating this bowl of nuts feel otherworldly.

lightsaber chopsticks

Self-Stirring Mug

Have you ever made a cup of tea or coffee, added in your milk, and then realized you don’t have a clean spoon to stir it with? One of life’s little annoyances. If only the mug could stir itself. Have our prayers just been answered? Is there such thing as a self-stirring mug? I ordered one just to make sure!

The battery-operated vessel contains a detachable magnetic impeller at the bottom of the mug. When it’s turned on, a magnetic field in the mug’s base is activated, spinning the impeller, and creating a vortex that mixes the drink in the cup!

auto-stirring mug

Fake Dictionary Safe

If you don't like the idea of someone stealing things that are important to you, like family heirlooms and your passport, you might like this product. It might look like a Dictionary but it is a specially designed Sterling SafeCan.

fake dictionary safe

This book is just a shell with a fake bottom that’s big enough to fit in a few precious personal objects. Once the bottom is in place though, nobody’s gonna know it’s a fake unless they rip through the bookshelves, not exactly the first place a thief looks!

Pizza Scissors

How do you cut pizza? Do you use a pizza cutter? A big knife? Or are you one of those heathens that cuts it with kitchen scissors? Honestly, I don’t understand you people. But if you use these pizza scissors from Dreamfarm, then maybe we can get along.

These are specially designed scissors that can cut pizza on any surface without scratching it. The pivot point of the scissors is angled up to keep the handle and your hand out of the cheese!

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And once you’ve cut it, the sleeve on the bottom scoops underneath the pizza and lifts it onto the blades as you continue to cut across! Suddenly the idea of cutting pizza with scissors doesn’t seem all that bad to me!

Storm-Proof Matches

There’s nothing quite as annoying as lighting a match and then watching a breeze as weak as a bee’s fart blow it out. It’s infuriating! But with these amazing storm-proof matches, not even a thousand bee farts could put out this flame!

You think I’m kidding? Well, I bought a set and put them to the test! Even when I try and put them out with a gust from a hairdryer, they keep reigniting!

storm-proof matches

How’s that possible? Well, the head of most matches is made from white or red phosphorous. When this is hit with enough friction, it sparks, causing the wood of the match to ignite. But storm-proof matches have a wax coating over the wood, which gradually burns away.

If the flame goes out, the wooden matchstick will keep smoldering beneath the wax coating. It continues to smolder until it’s totally starved of fuel to burn or is exposed to oxygen again, where it re-ignites. This means it can be stamped on, covered in earth, dunked in water, and the match will remain lit!

Soap Pump for the Dish Sponge

If you like a neat gimmick product you will enjoy this next thing: a soap pump for the dish sponge. The pump is pleasingly shaped to specifically hold a sponge.

Once soap has been poured into the bottom section of it, a few pumps down is more than enough to apply the soap you need directly to the sponge. I hate doing the dishes as much as the next person, but this little gimmick almost makes it worth it!

soap pump

Frozen Dessert Maker

We all love a dessert, which probably explains why most of us are a few pounds heavier than we would like! But fortunately, this device can help cut down on all the calories while still giving us a sugar fix: it’s a frozen fruit dessert making machine!

All you need to do is plug it in, pour your selection of frozen fruits into the top, and plunge it down. It makes the perfect sorbet in seconds, or if you want something a little creamier, add in a banana for a more ice-cream like-texture!

frozen dessert maker

Pineapple Cutter

Some fruit you can cut quite intuitively, but others, like pineapples, can pose a bit of a problem. Taking the top and bottom off, before skinning it, chopping it, and then cutting out the core can be a real hassle. But not if you have this 3 in 1 pineapple corer, cutter, and slicer!

pineapple cutter

All you have to do is take the top off the pineapple, align the serrated coring hole over the core, and twist! The angle of the blade spirals down into the pineapple, and when you reach the bottom, you simply pull out one perfect pineapple coil! That’s all of the fruit with almost none of the normal hassle.

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